Kreepin’ with the Koopa Episode 2 – Inanimate Objects Everywhere

Welcome back to the first and possibly only 2nd episode of Koopa Kreeper Supreme. I’m your host, as always, Goomba from the Tekken series’ Flavor of Love DLC, and I will be guiding you through the wonderland of mischief that is the Duba-you Duba-you… E. Specifically, we will be addressing the dumpster fire that had a secret cash of fireworks laid in the bottom of that sweet receptacle known as TLC: Inanimate Objects Everywhere. So get your butts in a chair, and watch out that someone doesn’t hit you with it, put your drink down on a table that… someone might put you through… and get ready to climb that proverbial lad- alright let’s just get on with it. And don’t you dare mention stairs.

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Kreepin’ With the Koopa – Episode 1: Vince’s Crown Jewels

Welcome back to the first (and possibly only) episode of Kreepin’ with the Koopa. Yes, I said welcome back; don’t tell me how to live my life.

If you were to ask me “Señor Koopa, what on earth would possess you to launch your first comedic posting of a wrestling show on none other than the Molotov cocktail thrown at a battery acid wound known as WWE Crown Jewel?”, I would have to reply with the timeless phrase, “get out of my house.”

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