NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Review


Matt Riddle holds zero appeal for me. I’d like to see Ohno smash his jaw. Wait… what the fuck was that? Did they just bury the hell out of Kassius Ohno? Well I guess it’s more putting Riddle over, Ohno will be fine but… ok. I really just hate the stoner “bro” thing. Still, I’ll admit that was a great way to fire up the crowd to start the show.

Booking Rating: Six Dustys



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Kreepin’ With the Koopa – Episode 1: Vince’s Crown Jewels

Welcome back to the first (and possibly only) episode of Kreepin’ with the Koopa. Yes, I said welcome back; don’t tell me how to live my life.

If you were to ask me “Señor Koopa, what on earth would possess you to launch your first comedic posting of a wrestling show on none other than the Molotov cocktail thrown at a battery acid wound known as WWE Crown Jewel?”, I would have to reply with the timeless phrase, “get out of my house.”

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Evolution Review


Leah is understandable slower with her offense, but she still looks good. Trish looks really good, and I think that’s also a testament to Alicia Fox’s athleticism and ability to make others look good. That’s certainly not to take anything away from Trish. Trish and Mickie punching each other in the face is fun. Did Mickie punch Trish in the poon when she was holding her upside down on the ropes?

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BREAKING NEWS: Six More Entrants Confirmed for Evolution Battle Royal

WWE has announced that Molly Holly, Ivory, Alundra Blayze, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, and Maria Kanellis will all be part of the battle royal at WWE Evolution.

Directly from wwe.com:

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BREAKING NEWS: WWE Removes Ticket Link for Crown Jewel

It’s looking more and more likely by the day that WWE will be pulling out of Saudi Arabia and cancelling Crown Jewel. They have removed the link for tickets for Crown Jewel as well as the link for the venue from wwe.com. Emergency backup plans call for WWE to move these matches to Survivor Series in case of a cancellation. There are still WWE World Cup qualifying matches advertised for Raw, and it’s unknown if that would be a separate event. Keep it here for updates.


UPDATE: Reached for comment, WWE says the Saudi Arabia show is still on as scheduled. A WWE spokesman said the event should be listen on wwe.com. While it does not have an entry on the “tickets and live events” page, it is still listed under shows. So for now, the show is on. Stay tuned!