2020 Royal Rumble Predictions

My predictions along with the other writers’ will be going up on ringthedamnbell.WordPress.com this weekend, but here’s an early look at mine:

Shorty G vs. Sheamus – SHEAMUS


This one is a no-brainer. Shorty G has zero momentum and is in a tailspin right now, while Sheamus is the returning heel looking to re-build credibility and at least get himself into the mid-card title picture.

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The Disgrace That Was the HIAC Main Event

Well that was fucking bullshit. Just when you thought they were finally understanding how to book Bray Wyatt, they go and pull something like this. Normally I’m one who chides the fans for shitting on stuff, but in this case, I’d have been with them 100%. People are sick of investing in characters only to have WWE destroy them. This one is going to take a long time to come back from, if it’s even possible, since the trust was broken once again. Maybe irrevocably broken this time. I just don’t understand how it can be so blatantly obvious what your fanbase wants, yet you fuck them over in the worst way possible. How did you feel about it? Let me hear you sound off.

TLC Review




Fun action early with both guys showing the crowd what they’re in for with dueling displays of athleticism. An appreciative “205” chant breaks out. Tremendously quick pace and great chain wrestling by both guys. If you’re not watching this show, START! You can watch ANY TIME on demand! And it’s only an hour! Much less demanding than Raw or SmackDown, and lately it’s been much better TV.

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Has WWE sucked?

So obviously since Survivor Series, this blog has taken a nose dive. I’ve been overwhelmed with work, getting off back pain meds, and adjusting to a new schedule, and I don’t have energy to keep up with WWE, let alone the blog. But from what I have seen, is it just me, or has WWE since Survivor Series been just plain bad? Of course Becky Lynch has been awesome and the Daniel Bryan heel turn has been terrific, but it feels like Raw has almost zero appeal and outside of those two, SmackDown has been stale. Is it just me? Sound off and let me know what you think of the product lately.

State of the Blog

So when I started this blog, I was out of work on disability with nothing else to do. Over the past month, I’ve gone back to work, and reviewing every show while doing daily birthdays has become too much. I’m still going to do some features and may eventually get back into the full reviews at some point, but for now, as you guys have seen recently, there’s not going to be as much content.

Also, Raw and SmackDown have sucked since Survivor Series, especially this week, so there’s not much to talk about.