Peep This!

Welcome to the PEEP show, and thank you for taking sometime  out of your busy life to see what I have to say.  I have been a avid WWE fan since I could remember. I got the pleasure growing up in the Attitude Era. Which was by far the best era EVER! I took a little break from wrestling, during my late teenage years, and just got back into it at the end of 2016. Even though I was on a little break, I still kept my ear to the ground and was very into the rumors/gossip. Who was failing drug tests? Who was kicked out of WWE? Who is dating who?

To some fans it’s all about what the wrestler does in the ring that matters. To other fans, they like to know the juicy gossip that is going around. I want to know who is hooking up with who? It makes the superstar a real person, and allows fans to relate to them. Not everyone is perfect, NOT even JOHN CENA.

Speaking of John Cena, as most of you know from watching Total Divas, he’s CRAZY.  He made Nikki sign a contract upon her moving into his house. Formal dinners, 1x a week dressed up. Breakfast every morning, evenings in front of the fire outside his home, no personal pictures, no dogs, no kids.  So many rules, I never understood why Nikki stayed with him. Finally he proposes to her at Wrestle mania, they set a date for the wedding (5/5), and it looks like everything is peachy. Only a few months after the engagement, they break up. Then he told her he would have kids with her, and they got back together and the wedding was on. Then something happened and the wedding was off. Recently there has been rumors of the two of them being seen together. It may be because  the new season of Total Bellas is filming. From what I gather Nikki is done with John, and wants to work on herself. Lets see what happens, and where this goes.




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