WWE News and Rumors

Here’s some of the latest news stories and rumors from WWE and the wrestling world.

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RUMOR MILL: Cena & Bryan Refuse to Appear at Crown Jewel

Take this report from fightful.com for what it’s worth, but they are reporting that John Cena and Daniel Bryan are refusing to work Crown Jewel.

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SmackDown 1000 Review, 10/16


Hell yeah! Truth TV! Dance break! And let’s pour some cold water on that boner with Stephanie McMahon and her horrendous entrance music… and what the balls is that dancing she’s doing? Odin almighty… just knock it off. But OH! HERE COMES THE MONEY! I just really don’t want this to turn into a two-hander for the McMahons. Well here comes Vince, and that’s exactly what this is. At least this was not a total McMahon family jerk off, it was a McMahon family dance break! I’m all for that. Great job.

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Peep This!

Welcome to the PEEP show, and thank you for taking sometime  out of your busy life to see what I have to say.  I have been a avid WWE fan since I could remember. I got the pleasure growing up in the Attitude Era. Which was by far the best era EVER! I took a little break from wrestling, during my late teenage years, and just got back into it at the end of 2016. Even though I was on a little break, I still kept my ear to the ground and was very into the rumors/gossip. Who was failing drug tests? Who was kicked out of WWE? Who is dating who?

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WWE Super Show-Down Review


Big E will sit this one out, a curious decision, but they must feel like Sheamus and Cesaro can both neutralize his power, so they want to double down on a speed advantage. Unfortunately for them, power is winning out in the early going. Impressive spot when Sheamus launched Woods in the air and Cesaro hit him with an uppercut.

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WWE Super Show-Down Predictions


Alexander has been undefeated for over a year. He’s been running the cruiserweight division, and deservedly so, he’s terrific. You know what else would be terrific? Giving Buddy Murphy a championship win in his hometown. I love Cedric, and Murphy is a heel, but that would be a tremendous way to start the show. I think he’d have a great run as champion, but even if you only have him win it just to do it in front of the home crowd, you could always have Alexander win it back in Saudi Arabia

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