Where Does This Past WrestleMania Fit?

Hardcore wrestling fans like to treat WrestleMania as a Super Bowl of sorts, and that includes ranking the shows by their greatness and going back to watch certain matches or moments as football fans relive highlights like John Elway’s helicopter spin or Santonio Holmes miraculous 4th Quarter grab. So where does this past WrestleMania, the 34th installment, fit in historically and what moments stick out?

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WrestleMania, The Showcase of Variety

With the inception of the WWE Network, wrestling fans now have decades of wrestling content at their fingertips, so of course my brothers and I have been doing the natural thing: watching every WCW Pay Per View from the beginning of the Monday Night Wars in the fall of 1995. Thus far we have reached World War III in November of 1998, and journey has, thus far, been amazingly entertaining.

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