Smackdown Review, 4/24

Lot’s of hate for Miz tonight, love it. I’m always surprised at the lack of “WHAT” chants when Miz cuts a promo. I think it’s because whether they like him or not, people want to hear what he has to say. Cass’ promo sets up a feud with Daniel Bryan, and seems pretty obvious Cass attacked Bryan in the back. That’ll be interesting to see. We haven’t really seen much of what Cass can do as a singles competitor, I wonder how they’ll mesh in the ring. Cass is really good on the mic and this promo sets a really good foundation for their feud, as he lays out the reasons why he hates Daniel Bryan, feeling that his own return from injury was overshadowed by Bryan’s. Simple, logical way to generate a feud.

Make it fucking stop. This is horribly painful. OH MY GOD, THE EMPRESS OF YESTERDAY! THEY’RE SO FUNNY! I’ll give them credit for SOME good heel comments, saying they’re better than Asuka since they beat up Charlotte and Charlotte beat Asuka. I’ll also commend their wrestling ability, but holy shit, limit them to in-ring stuff. That’ll never happen, but I can dream. They get an old-school heel win with Peyton’s feet on the ropes. Good, it’s over.

I’m not sure how I feel about Naomi getting involved in this feud. It’s cool that her distraction got Jimmy a surprise win. I just don’t have much interest in her involvement, it doesn’t help the feud in my opinion.

As I said in my Raw review, heels get to have the most fun, and get to cut the best promos, as proven here by Carmella. Grade A trolling as she makes us sit through her highlight video TWICE because the crowd isn’t cheering enough. Thankfully the second showing was interrupted by Charlotte. Her taunting of Charlotte was terrific. She has to love playing the heel. This ended the way all contract signings do, except they somehow botched smashing Carmella’s face into the table.

Randy bores the hell out of me. The RKO is still cool as hell but I feel like I almost immediately lose interest in any feud he’s involved in. Hardy and Benjamin had a terrific match last week, I was looking forward to seeing a rematch. This match, not so much. Orton’s last feud that interested with me was with Bray Wyatt over a year ago. And whenever I heard Orton is “headed to that place” I cringe. It annoys the hell out of me. The only thing I liked about this match was the RKO to Sunil Singh.

Daniel Bryan gets a match with Big Cass at Backlash.

Samoa Joe always cuts awesome and chilling promos. In some ways he reminds me of Jake Roberts.

Graves points out the the Undertaker has never won a casket match on Rusev Day. It’s a fair point. Nakamura gets a remixed entrance to keep the fans from singing along with his theme now that he’s a heel. A heel win for Nakamura after a blind tag, but AJ finally gets his hands on him for a moment, before another dick punch. Anderson steps in and takes a Kinshasa for AJ, and gets a second one for his troubles. AJ needs to start wearing that metal cup that Road Dogg used against to neutralize Chyna’s main attack.

I give the show a Meh.

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