Nice Guys Finish Last

Time and time again in my posts, I write “I say this all the time, but this is good simplistic heel work that has become the exception rather than the norm.” Hopefully saying it so much means that it’s back to becoming the norm. It has me thinking, what makes a good heel? There’s so many different types of heels, so there’s not one blueprint for how to create one. But what do YOU think makes a good heel? I’d like to know what each of you think makes a top heel, and why those characteristics work. I’m interested to see if it’s the same core traits or if it’s all different. Let’s hear it.

2 thoughts on “Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. A good heel is someone who is NOT afraid to be booed and hates. Now a days everyone wants to be cool and win over the smarks even if they are a heel like Ziggler, Owens, Zayn, and Sasha. A real heel also needs conviction in their actions, like when AJ went heel a year and a half ago because he finally got his shot in the big time and needed to beat Cena.


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