NXT Review, 6/20

I’m sure this will be the usual recap show following TakeOver with the couple matches that were filmed prior to the big show. At least my girl Bianca Belair will be wrestling, I’m definitely looking forward to that.



Getting right to it. I don’t like to be the guy who cheers for the heel, but I like who I like, and Bianca is amazing. I like Dakota Kai too and I hope we get a great match here. Dakota should keep her distance with her kicks, stick and move, because Bianca is so strong and if she catches Dakota the match will probably be over quickly. Biance plays the bully to start the match and Kai uses her speed and evade her and, as I suggested she should, get a couple nice kicks in. Bianca should stay right on Dakota because if Bianca in close range it neutralizes Dakota’s kicks. Bianca is just MEAN in this match, and the crowd seems to be mostly behind Dakota Kai. Maybe I was wrong last week when I suggested it isn’t right for her to be a heel because the crowd would cheer her anyway. A bunch of assholes in the crowd are chanting “Rusev Day” during a great match. Get the fuck out. Bianca’s stalling suplexes where she bounces Dakota off the ropes are amazingly awesome. She stsarts to play right into Dakota’s strengths but running at her from a distance, because Dakota is so damn quick and is great at counters. Bianca catches her with the Alley Oop for the win. As an added insult she pushes her forearm across Dakota’s face when she pins her. I love this match. I don’t think it’d be best for Bianca’s push to have a rematch, but I would really like to see these two go at it again.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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The majority of the show is devoted to recapping the incredible TakeOver: Chicago show. Check out my review of that show here. It’s the first show I’ve ever given an overall rating of Ten Gold Medals.



Both of these teams have been getting pushed lately, who continues their momentum: War Raiders easily wins a fair fight, but I’m sure The Mighty don’t have any plans to keep this fair, and Hanson and Rowe need to be aware of that. They almost get caught early as The Mighty have the War Raiders in trouble for the first time since they’ve arrived in NXT. God damn I can’t wait for the hot tag in this one, Hanson is gonna DESTROY SHIT. Yep, certainly not disappointed. He even does a cartwheel for good measure. I love seeing Hanson fly. I feel like eventually they’re gonna break someone’s neck with their finisher. The Mighty got their licks in early on, but War Raiders look pretty damn unstoppable. I can’t imagine who can beat them. Heavy Machinery had the best shot, and they got squashed. Great win for the War Raiders over a very good and established team.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Can’t really give an overall show rating because it was two matches and a ton or recaps, but the matches were awesome. Hit up the comments, let me know what you thoink of the show and who you like in NXT right now.

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