WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass).
This is a shock. I was sure that he would beat Daniel Bryan at MITB, but if this was a situation where he had already asked for his release and they needed to get one more match from him, it makes sense that he lost. I thought he could really be a great heel and possibly a world champion. Maybe he still will be someday. Good luck Cass. Hopefully we get some additional information on this soon.

Raw Review, 6/18


I really hate that Alexa gets cheered after insulting the crowd. There’s nothing she does that deserves cheers. She’s a great heel but I can’t think of a single thing she does that should elicit a positive reaction. No smiles for Ronda tonight. Ronda gets fucking ROWDY and probably just got herself suspended, just a way to get her off tv. If that’s the last we’re gonna see of her until around Summerslam, well god damn, that’s a hell of a way to go. This is the Ronda I’ve wanted to see since she arrived. That powerbomb was terrific after a perfect heel promo from Bliss. No way Ronda couldn’t respond to that. Just as I called it, there’s a 30-day suspension handed down by Kurt. That’s the best Raw opening in a long time. I’ll be watching it on repeat.

Segment Rating: Ten This Is Your Lifes

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Money in the Bank Predictions


Good opportunity for Gallows & Anderson and I hope they get more in the future, but it’s not yet time for them to take the gold, and it’s not yet time for the Bludgeons to lose the straps.

PREDICTION: The Bludgeon Brothers retain


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NXT TakeOver: Chicago Predictions


Johnny went over in New Orleans and he left standing last week, but I expect Ciampa to pull out the victory here. Look for Candice LeRae to do something that takes Johnny’s head out of the game long enough for Ciampa to capitalize.

PREDICTION: Tommaso Ciampa

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REVIEW: WCW SuperBrawl IX (1999)

Usually this is Adorable Adrian Adonis’ gimmick, but I’m gonna take it over for a moment.


FEBRUARY 21, 1999


It was a period of decline in WCW. The year prior, WWF had broken WCW’s 83-weeks win streak in the ratings, and WCW seemed to continually shoot itself in the foot trying to regain supremacy. This show follows Kevin Nash supposedly taking over creative and booking himself to the moon, specifically by ending Goldberg’s streak, and the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom™. This is one of the final shows between the Fingerpoke™ and Vince Russo’s arrival in September, so it’s one of the final shows that has at least some semblance of coherence in its storylines.

Ric Flair defeated Eric Bischoff at Starrcade ’98 to become president of WCW. At that same show, in probably still the most hotly debated angle of all-time, Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg with the help of Scott Hall and his taser to end Goldberg’s (supposed) 173-match winning streak. Nash remained nonplussed about this situation and claimed Hall was acting on his own. He gave Goldberg a rematch eight days after Starrcade. However, the night the match was supposed to take place on Nitro, Goldberg was arrested after Miss Elizabeth accused him of “aggravated stalking.” She eventually admitted to lying, but Goldberg was unable to make it back from the police station in time for the match (despite the station being across the street from the Georgia Dome). Hulk Hogan, who had announced his retirement a month earlier to focus on his supposed presidential candidacy, arrived to take Goldberg’s place. Hogan came out with Scott Steiner and Nash came out with Scott Hall. After circling each other for a bit, Nash pushed Hogan, then Hogan lightly poked Nash in the chest. Nash’s reaction has been compared to “getting hit in the chest with a cannonball” as he fell on his back and allowed Hogan to pin him, signifying the reunion of the nWo Hollywood and Wolfpac factions. President Ric Flair was beside himself, and announced himself and the #1 contender for the WCW title, which brings us to SuperBrawl IX.


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NXT Review, 6/13


Understatement by Nigel when he says it’s gonna be a “tough night” for Martinez and Storm. Tag team squashes are even more uncomfortable because there’s double the pain and punishment, which a friend told me some guys will pay extra for. I love Rowe dragging Storm over to his own corner so Martinez could tag himself in. Their guillotine neckbreaker finisher looks like it could kill someone. I enjoy that even though they don’t really have a spot in the tag team division yet they still get featured each week, even in a squash. They challenge The Mighty/TM61/Whatever the Aussies call themselves now, and holy shit I thought they were gonna break Storm’s neck with that toss and spear/slam. Hopefully this is the start of their ascent to the top of the division.

Match Rating: Six Gold Medals

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205 Live Review, 6/12

They show a replay of Hideo Itami interfering in the Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali main event from last week, and Drake Maverick annoucnes that Itami will not be allowed to compete on tonight’s show. A week removed from Itami’s interference last week, I’ve really come to appreciate what 205 Live has morphed into now. I’ve always enjoyed this show from the very beginning and have never missed an episode, but I can see where it turned people away during the time period when you have the Cedric Alexander-Noam Dar-Alicia Fawwwwwwwwwwwx love triangle, weekly PowerPoint presentations, and a champion whose best in-ring skill was berating the rest of the cruiserweight division. Continue reading “205 Live Review, 6/12”