This was AWESOME

There was so much to review from this past week in Brooklyn that I never even got started on SummerSlam, Raw or SmackDown. I put up my NXT Takeover review but I was just too exhausted and frankly there was way to much to remember to do the rest. But rest assured, it was awesome.

For Takeover we were in the cheap seats (what I can afford), and had a great time. The crowd was great, the matches were great, NXT never disappoints. This was my third straight year at the Takeover: Brooklyn show, I only missed the first. This was as memorable as any that I’ve seen, especially with the terrific main event.

For SummerSlam, I have to thank good friend and sometimes-commenter on this blog crazykrysia88 for getting us terrific lower level seats. You can see our view in the pic above. It was non-stop fun, non-stop action. Once again a terrific crowd, and I got to gloat in Reigns’ triumph.

Raw… the crowd was horrible. We were up top again, and I’d say more than 50% of the crowd just wanted to be assholes, and there was no other purpose to them being there. The people around us were obnoxious and nearly completely ruined what was a pretty damn good show when I watched it back after. The Shield made it all worth it.

SmackDown was the best. I have to thank crazykrysia88 again for saying fuck off to the upper deck and upgrading us to floor seats, and we were eventually able to weasel our way right up to the front. The crowd was amazing, the best of all four nights, which surprised me after the Raw debacle. No beach balls, no wave, no dickheaded chants, nothing like Raw. 205 Live featured an INCREDIBLE main event tornado tag that had everyone on their feet, and this was followed with an awesome dark match main event that saw AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan kick the shit out of Miz and Samoa Joe. Joe couldn’t even keep a straight face as AJ and DB were taking turns doing the YES! kicks. And this happened:



I’m already going through withdrawal from it after four straight days of live wrestling events. If you ever get the chance to do a whole WWE weekend, I highly recommend it. Except Raw, and not in Canada.

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