2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Matt Hardy Announces Retirement

  1. I knew this day would come sooner or later. Growing up I was not a fan of Matt Hardy, I was however obessed with Jeff and the Hardy Boys as a team.

    These guys were my youth. I had posters all around my room, all their shirts, toys. Anything Hardy Boys I had!

    I even stopped watching when the Hardy boys split up and officially stopped watching when they were no longer on the WWE. I found them on impact and fell in love with the deleted aspect of them. Broken Matt Hardy has finally spoken to me. I became a fan againa and only watched IMPACT for them. So I would record and fast forward to their promos and their matches.

    The wonderful Pat got me a wwe network subscription and it was right in time for WRESTLEMANIA. Rumor Hardy’s were returning. When that music dropped I cried! It was all the emotions from when I was a child that just came crashing in like waves.

    I am so sad to see Matt Hardy go, but hopefully his boys Maxel and Wolf come and become the new Hardy Boyz.

    I really hope Jeff won’t be next after tonight’s match with ORTON!

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    1. It’s amazing the emotional connection we have with this sport/whatever you want to call it. I still get “you know it’s fake, right?” The feelings you just posted are certainly not fake.I got the same emotional high when I found out Kurt Angle was coming back to the company. And I couldn’t wait to hear your reaction to the Hardy Boyz because I was a few minutes ahead of you on the broadcast. Your reaction brought me so much joy. I’m sure we’ll see him around through the years, and even if not, he’s given us all one hell of an emotional thrill ride.


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