Hell in a Cell Ending

I thought the Hell in a Cell main event was a really good match. I thought it was total crap that Strowman and Reigns laid there for 5-10 minutes while everything happened around them.  I know you want the focus to be on the guys fighting on top of and falling off of the cell, but come on, have them do SOMETHING. Dan McQuade of Deadspin thinks there’s too much interference in these types of matches. What people really seem to be pissed about is the ending. I don’t put a lot of stock in what live crowds have to say anymore, but there’s a video going around of them chanting “this is bullshit” when the match was declared a no contest. So I want to know what people think, if a Hell in a Cell match should EVER be declared a no contest and if you’re cool with last night’s ending.


3 thoughts on “Hell in a Cell Ending

  1. I really liked that Brock came back and did what he did. However at the same time I really wanted there to be a winner. So does this mean Braun lost the money in the bank?

    Either way I enjoyed the match but would have preferred a winner to be announced.


    1. I read in the Raw preview that Braun is probably going to want some “compensation” so I’m assuming that’s in reference to the money in the bank contract. I guess we’ll find out tonight where it goes.


      1. Ugh…. I won’t be able to watch it since I’m in PA for a memorial service.

        If anything good pops off send me the spoilers!


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