November 7: Today’s Wrestler Birthdays & Deaths

Today’s birthdays will make your dick flip.





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Joey Ryan turns 39 today. He is a former NWA World Tag Team Champion with Karl Anderson. Joey Ryan is one of the six founders of SoCal promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, collectively known as the “PWG Six”. PWG was formed when the founders grew tired of arguing with promoters, feeling they knew more about the inner workings of professional wrestling and could therefore promote and book shows more effectively.

Ryan has appeared in several matches as enhancement talent for the WWE, competing against Rosey, Sylvan, The Gymini, Mark Henry, John Morrison, Super Crazy and two times against Big Show. On August 14, 2011, Ryan made an appearance at SummerSlam, portraying a fan during a match between Mark Henry and Sheamus. Two days later, Ryan wrestled a dark match at the SmackDown tapings in Bakersfield, California, losing to Bo Rotunda.

On September 19, 2015, Ryan made his Japanese debut for the DDT Pro-Wrestling promotion, defeating Tomomitsu Matsunaga. During his tour of DDT, Ryan took part in a spot where he used his dick to overpower Danshoku Dino. Video of the spot went viral and led to Ryan being featured on the New York Daily News, Rolling Stone and Vice, while also getting him a sponsorship deal with YouPorn Sports. He continues to use the dick flip as a featured part of his arsenal. Happy birthday Joey.


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King Kong Bundy turns 61 today. He was billed a 6’5 and 468 pounds. Bundy was Fritz Von Erich’s opponent for Fritz’s 1982 retirement match at the Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show held at the Texas Stadium. He also competed in various territories such as the AWA and NWA. He had a tendency to demand a five count (as opposed to the usual three count) for pinfalls whenever he dominated his opponent in a squash match, a gimmick he began while wrestling for Mid-South Wrestling. During this time Bundy also wrestled in Memphis, often teaming with Rick Rude and Jim Neidhart against the various faces including Jerry Lawler.

Bundy came to the WWF and began targeting Hogan and the WWF World Championship in late 1985. Although they had at least one televised match (at the Boston Garden) and several house show contests (all with Hogan winning, either by pinfall or disqualification), it wasn’t until a nationally televised match on Saturday Night’s Main Event, that Bundy got his real push against Hogan. Hogan was dominating challenger the Magnificent Muraco when Bundy (with Heenan in tow) ran to ambush Hogan. With Muraco’s help, Bundy repeatedly gave Hogan avalanches and big splashes, after which Hogan was to have severely bruised ribs. Bundy demanded a match and claimed Hogan was afraid of him, setting up their feud. Hogan demanded revenge and agreed to a steel cage match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship as the main event of WrestleMania 2 in the Los Angeles portion of the event, which Hogan won.

He had various feuds after that and joined the waning Million Dollar Corporation in 1994, well past its heyday. He wrestled on the indie circuit until retiring in 2007. Fun fact: He had two guest spots on Married… with Children, as the creators had named the lead characters “Bundy” as an homage to him. He was Peg’s brother, Uncle Irwin. Happy birthday King Kong.






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Taro Miyaki was a Hawaiian wrestler whose career lasted from 1957-71. In the early 60s he spend time in CWF, the AWA, GCW, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, and Stampede Wrestling. In one of his more high-profile feuds, both in CWF and GCW, he and Tajo Yamamoto often teamed against Dick Steinborn and Eddie Graham. Miyaki died on November 7, 2010 at the age of 89.

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