205 Live Review, 9/4


Lucha House Party and Buddy Murphy are not allowed at ringside. This should be a really fun match. Nese can hang with anybody on the 205 Live roster. Some really good chain wrestling and athleticism to start the match. There’s certainly a time and place where the “traditional” type of match can is enjoyable, like a Roman, Hogan, Cena, and Ric Flair type match where one guy controls the other with rest holds for 70-80% of the match until a big comeback. However, I’ve found that I mostly enjoy these types of matches when both guys counter each other and there’s near non-stop action. I love back-and-forth matches, which is why I’m so drawn to 205 Live, and why I’ve enjoyed the Daniel Bryan-Andrade “Cien” Almas feud. It’s not formulaic and predictable. Again, the “formula” has worked for decades, so there is definitely a place for it, and most WWE main event matches are and will continue to be like that. It works to a point, but they need to pay attention to the crowd reactions of almost every 205 Live match and see what really makes the crowd happy.

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