205 Live Review, 9/4


Lucha House Party and Buddy Murphy are not allowed at ringside. This should be a really fun match. Nese can hang with anybody on the 205 Live roster. Some really good chain wrestling and athleticism to start the match. There’s certainly a time and place where the “traditional” type of match can is enjoyable, like a Roman, Hogan, Cena, and Ric Flair type match where one guy controls the other with rest holds for 70-80% of the match until a big comeback. However, I’ve found that I mostly enjoy these types of matches when both guys counter each other and there’s near non-stop action. I love back-and-forth matches, which is why I’m so drawn to 205 Live, and why I’ve enjoyed the Daniel Bryan-Andrade “Cien” Almas feud. It’s not formulaic and predictable. Again, the “formula” has worked for decades, so there is definitely a place for it, and most WWE main event matches are and will continue to be like that. It works to a point, but they need to pay attention to the crowd reactions of almost every 205 Live match and see what really makes the crowd happy.

These two get a deserved “This is awesome!” chant as they continue to destroy each other in the ring, on the apron, and on the floor. Nese hits a corkscrew suicide dive and a 450 splash, two things I’ve NEVER seen him do before. He is getting a match where there’s nobody on the outside and all eyes are on the two competitors, and he’s taking the ball and running with it. This guy deserves to be in the main event. And I haven’t even mentioned Gran Metalik, who is amazing. I focus on Nese because I think a lot of people look at the luchador mask and assume that he’s gonna be awesome, that it’s kind of taken for granted. If you look at Nese, he doesn’t look like a guy who should be able to do a 450 splash or a corkscrew suicide dive at first glance. He can’t just do that, he can do EVERYTHING. He comes up on the losing end after an elbow drop off the top rope (literally off the rope, not the turnbuckle), but he certainly continues to show his worth.

Match Rating: Nine Gold Medals

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Drake Maverick chides Mustafa Ali for getting in the ring last week before Maverick said he could. He reiterates to stay out of the ring until he says it’s okay. I’m wondering if his AOP affiliation will see him turn heel.



Lio Rush makes an entrance in a loud blue suit to join the commentary team. Rush talks about being disrespected and ignored. Great way to start a feud with Noam Dar, and it makes me wonder what’s next for TJP if his feud with Dar is over. A quick but good match sees Dar get the win, and he immediately turns his attention to Rush as they taunt each other.

Match Rating: Five Gold Medals

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Well my question about TJP was just answered quickly. Alexander calls out Gulak but TJP responds. They are about to start a match when Drake Maverick interrupts. He makes the match official. Bitchin!



Really cool sequence where TJP comes off the ropes for what looks like a hurracanrana, turns it into an Octopus Stretch, Alexander counters it into a Stretch Muffler, and TJP counters that into a pin attempt. TJP locks in another Octopus-type submission on the ropes as he works on Alexander’s midsection. Alexander never seems to stay down for very long, and hits an awesome springboard flat liner. TJP hurts Alexander’s arm and it affects Cedric badly from that point on.

A stalling suplex into an inverted Lumbar Check gets Alexander a two count. These guys get so creative with their moves and it’s incredible. TJP almost locks in an arm bar but Cedric turns it into a pin attempt. He hits the Lumbar Check for the win, but then Gulak’s music hits as the submission specialist comes out with a microphone. He challenges Alexander now, but Jack Gallagher attacks Cedric from behind. Gulak gets his knocks in before Maverick and some refs get involved. Gulak walks off demanding his rematch.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Overall Show Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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