Survivor Series Predictions

So I didn’t do any reviews on NXT, NXT UK, or 205 Live this week because I watched the shows on an almost-four-hour drive home from work on Thursday night. Not a good time for reviews, and I had a long-ass work week. So they were all really good. There you go.

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205 Live Review, 10/31


Grudge match! I’d be surprised to see Kendrick come out on top. Gallagher is dominating the match. He’s extra vicious tonight, determined to destroy his former friend. Kendrick himself is especially motivated to get revenge. Drew Gulak is on commentary, and Percy Watson chides him for not being the one to get in the ring with Kendrick himself. Gulak avoids the question and mocks Watson instead. Typical mean heel!

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205 Live Review, 10/24

It’s the 100th episode of 205 Live!

They do a great job of recapping how Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami have reached this point in their feud, why they are feuding in the first place, and each man’s mindset throughout. It’s excellent storytelling, and is so much better than “we’re going to have these two guys wrestle because they’re both here.” You hear both men’s reasons and motives, get emotionally involved, and pick a side. Textbook stuff.
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205 Live Review, 10/17


I can’t see Tozawa winning unless The Brian Kendrick comes out and distracts Gulak. Tozawa is obviously incredibly talented, but there’s so much push behind Gulak right now that it’s highly unlikely he’d take a clean loss. Tozawa has a nice position on the card but he’s not in the main event picture like Gulak is at the moment. Gulak has also been on an absolute tear, totally locked in.

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205 Live Review, 9/11


These matches between Murphy/Nese and the members of Lucha House Party have been absolutely incredible. I’m really looking forward to this one. Early on Metalik shows his athleticism and Murphy shows his strength and brutality. We see Metalik flying and bouncing around while Murphy uses strikes and throws. I have a feeling we’re going to see both wrestlers’ full arsenals before the match is over.

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205 Live Review, 9/4


Lucha House Party and Buddy Murphy are not allowed at ringside. This should be a really fun match. Nese can hang with anybody on the 205 Live roster. Some really good chain wrestling and athleticism to start the match. There’s certainly a time and place where the “traditional” type of match can is enjoyable, like a Roman, Hogan, Cena, and Ric Flair type match where one guy controls the other with rest holds for 70-80% of the match until a big comeback. However, I’ve found that I mostly enjoy these types of matches when both guys counter each other and there’s near non-stop action. I love back-and-forth matches, which is why I’m so drawn to 205 Live, and why I’ve enjoyed the Daniel Bryan-Andrade “Cien” Almas feud. It’s not formulaic and predictable. Again, the “formula” has worked for decades, so there is definitely a place for it, and most WWE main event matches are and will continue to be like that. It works to a point, but they need to pay attention to the crowd reactions of almost every 205 Live match and see what really makes the crowd happy.

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