205 Live Review, 10/31


Grudge match! I’d be surprised to see Kendrick come out on top. Gallagher is dominating the match. He’s extra vicious tonight, determined to destroy his former friend. Kendrick himself is especially motivated to get revenge. Drew Gulak is on commentary, and Percy Watson chides him for not being the one to get in the ring with Kendrick himself. Gulak avoids the question and mocks Watson instead. Typical mean heel!

The in-ring action is great with neither wrestler able to gain a sustained advantage. As Kendrick starts to get on a roll, Drew Gulak sneaks up behind him, but Akira Tozawa comes through the crowd to stop him, while Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 for the win. Well color me surprised, and this will certainly set up a tag team feud.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Drake Maverick tells Cedric Alexander that he’s not ready for his rematch yet. He’s lost three straight matches since his title loss, and it wouldn’t be fair to anybody, including Cedric, to give him that rematch yet. I’m intrigued where this is going, and I think it could be a heel turn.



Metalik wins in a minute with no issue, but TJP sneaks in after, steals Metalik’s mask, and scampers off. I really like this storyline.

Booking Rating: Six Dustys



Buddy Murphy will face Mark Andrews on next week’s 205 Live in England. That should be an amazing match.

TJP goes to Mike Kanellis for protection.



Maybe Tony Nese’s NXT appearance was a one-time thing. I have a feeling that Nese is gonna win this match because the Nese-Murphy feud is more intriguing since they’re best friends. I’d love to see Ali win though. Nese is dominating in the early going. He is a smaller Apollo Crews. He’s the total package.

Ali buys some time with a big powerbomb, but he’s hurting badly. He finally gets his wind and some momentum but takes himself out again with a suicide dive. The difference now is that Nese is down too. Back in the ring at eight, a huge cross body by Ali gets a two count.

Nese makes a comeback of his own but Ali hits a straight up kick to the face, a superkick to the face, and a superkick to the back of the head to end that shit real quick. A nice tornado DDT from the turnbuckle gets another two count for Ali. Tony Nese twice thwarts top-turnbuckle moves by Ali, the second turning into a gut buster from the second rope. That cannot feel good at all. Now Nese is ripping off the tape around Ali’s ribs and starts kicking him in the ribs. The ref tells him to stop it, Nese turns to the ref, and Ali takes advantage with a rollover pin to become the new number one contender! It wasn’t a 10, but it was still a great match, and I can’t wait to see Ali vs. Murphy.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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Nese moves towards Ali menacingly, but here comes Cedric Alexander, and I think he’s going to turn heel and attack Ali. Definitely. He’s gonna do it. Here it comes. He’s going to attack. He picks him up… here it comes… LUMBAR CHECK! Nope, I jumped the gun, he put his Ali’s arm around his neck, then raised Ali’s hand. They teased the hell out of it. Murphy comes out for a stare down from the entrance ramp. Good job here of teasing the heel turn, obviously it had me fooled. But trust me, it’s coming.

Booking Rating: Seven Dustys



Overall Show Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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