NXT Review, 10/31



Nikki seems especially terrifying tonight. Mercedes Martinez is one of my favorites. Mercedes is technically sound and a 20-year veteran who has wrestled top talent in top promotions around the world. Nikki Cross is batshit insane. I have no idea who has the advantage.

Martinez looks like she knows how to handle someone like this, she can play rough too. forearms across the face instead of a pin, stomps to the gut, punches to the face, she’s not scared. Maybe she should be, as Nikki takes all of that and still comes running forward with some forearms of her own. Nikki doesn’t have the prettiest offense, but I don’t think she’s concerned with pretty, she’s concerned about chaos and pain, even if she’s the one on the receiving end.

By the way, this match is fucking awesome. A spine buster, two back drop drivers, and a German Suplex have Martinez firmly in control. Nikki STILL manages to slap herself back into the match. Nikki hits The Purge for the win. That was terrific. Nikki goes nuts after the match and looks like a rabid dog ready to pounce, but then smiles and says good match. I sometimes see Nikki Cross in my nightmares.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals



Out comes Candice LeRae! She looks a lot different, like… a HEEL! Nikki just laughs as Candice yells at her for messing up her and Johnny’s lives. As Nikki is about to go to the back, out comes Aleister Black. Candice looks almost nothing like herself from a few weeks ago. down, brown hair, dark eye shadow, she’s definitely heel. She talks some shit to Aleister, who tells her Johnny’s future in NXT is “gone”. Chilling.

Segment Rating: Eight This Is Your Lifes

this is your lifethis is your lifethis is your lifethis is your lifethis is your lifethis is your lifethis is your lifethis is your life


The Street Profits won the Evolve Tag Team Championship last weekend. I love that kind of cross-promotion. I’d be interested to know that if this hadn’t already been filmed before they won those titles, if it’d be acknowledged on NXT. The Mighty are chicken shits. Montez Ford hits a suicide dive that takes out both of them, the air he got was amazing. I have no idea how he does what he does.

Unfortunately back in the ring he gets caught with a vicious spine buster by Nick Miller. TM Migh61 takes control and we watch Ford get his ass kicked and wait for a hot tag to Dawkins. 61 Don’t Kneel has Ford in their own corner and keeps the fresh man out. Ford finally just dives over Shane Thorne’s head as Dawkins comes in to destroy T-Mighty Kneel. He gets a two count on Thorne but Miller makes the save. Ford tags back in, but some heel shit by The Kneeling 61’s leads to Miller power bombing Thorne while Thorn does a superplex to Ford. Sweet!

Dawkins hits a Sky High on Miller, I miss D’Lo Brown. Ford and Thorne legal, Ford bicycle kicks Thorne in the head on the apron, then he hits a fucking SPRINGBOARD FROG SPLASH for the win. The full highlights are amazing, but I implore you to at least watch from 2:20 on to see this incredible sequence.



Overall Match Rating: Nine Gold Medals



William Regal announces that Velveteen Dream gets an NXT Championship match at War Games, and Aleister Black gets Johnny Gargano! Huge news.

Lars Sullivan is stomping through the backstage area. He’s raging over Velveteen Dream getting the title match.



I don’t have much interest in Matt Riddle. He didn’t come to WWE earlier because he wouldn’t stop smoking pot. And his gimmick is: brooooooooooooooo. Get it? Yeah. I’m sure he’s exciting in the ring, but… what the fuck is that? I can’t ever remember seeing a shoeless wrestler, that’s certainly unique. Pretty awesome transition from a monkey flip into an armbar by Riddle. Just because I think his gimmick is fucking stupid doesn’t mean I won’t recognize his skills.

Menzies catches him, headbutts him, and throws him for an overhead suplex. Menzies is thick. He looks strong as hell. Riddle gets creative with his counters and overwhelms Menzies with a flurry of kicks. Riddle reigns elbows down on Menzies and puts him in something call the Bromission (seriously?) for the win. A good match is a good match, but this shit is dumb.

Match Rating: Six Gold Medals



Lars Sullivan gets to try to take out his rage on Velveteen Dream next week, and the promote Lacey Evans in action. They’re really pushing her, which she certainly deserves.



I think Carrillo & Mendoza’s lucha libre style is just gonna piss Lorcan & Burch off. Humberto Carrillo shows off some quickness and athleticism then he and Mendoza hit suicide dives. Carrillo goes HIGH for a moonsault, like Essa Rios high, but Lorcan gets his knees up. Mendoza shows off his skills now, and they’re really showcasing what he and Carrillo can do. I thought this would be a glorified squash, but they really gave them a lot of offense. Immediately after I typed that sentence Lorcan and Burch get the win. But the crowd went from booing Mendoza & Carrillo during their entrance to cheering the hell out of them after they showed off what they can do.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals



The Undisputed Era is doing one of their NWO-style vignettes, and HOLY SHIT THE WAR RAIDERS CRASH THROUGH THEIR SET FROM BEHIND AND ATTACK! Undisputed Era gets DESTROYED. They lawn dart Adam Cole into a truck door ala Kevin Nash – Rey Mysterio. Now Undisputed Era gets some garbage cans and starts winning the fight, but Ricochet comes out of nowhere to attack Adam Cole. This is definitely a War Games match preview. War Raiders, as expected starts beating the shit out of the UE again, and they make their way to ringside.

Ricochet brings Adam Cole back in and now everybody is in the ring. Undisputed Era suddenly turns the tables and takes control again. PETE DUNNE COMES OUT WITH A CHAIR! The UK Champion gets him some! Regal comes out…. WAR GAMES! UNDISPUTED ERA VS. PETE DUNNE, RICOCHET, AND WAR RAIDERS! OH HELL YEAH! Kyle O’Reilly is crying for his mommy.

That Whole Fucking Thing Rating: Eight Gold Medals



Overall Show Rating: Eight Gold Medals


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