205 Live Review, 10/24

It’s the 100th episode of 205 Live!

They do a great job of recapping how Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami have reached this point in their feud, why they are feuding in the first place, and each man’s mindset throughout. It’s excellent storytelling, and is so much better than “we’re going to have these two guys wrestle because they’re both here.” You hear both men’s reasons and motives, get emotionally involved, and pick a side. Textbook stuff.



Kanellis returned to 205 Live two weeks ago by attacking Dorado. A running theme with Kanellis and Itami after their attacks on Dorado and Mustafa Ali, respectively, is that it was business, but their attack victim made it personal. A common heel mindset. Maria Kanellis looks trashy as hell, and provides a great distraction on behalf of her husband. Mike takes advantage of the distraction, and goes to work with a brutal offensive attack.

He has a very aggressive offensive style. Even when he’s using traditional rest holds, he’s not resting, he’s twisting, jamming a knee or elbow into his opponent, kicking him, never giving Dorado a moment of relief. Dorado finally gets his offense going again with some nice kicks and a top-rope hurricanrana. Dorado misses another top-rope maneuver and runs straight into a beautiful spinebuster from Kanellis.

Dorado rebounds with a springboard stunner and a suicide dive leading to a Shooting Star Press that nearly gets him a win, but Kanellis gets his foot on the rope just before three. Kanellis bowls over Kalisto & Gran Metalik but Dorado leaps off the apron and hits a hurricanrana on the floor. He checks on his LHP brethren, but as he gets back into the ring, Kanellis pulls the top rope, and lets it go so it smacks Dorado in the side of the face. Kanellis hits his Box Office Smash finisher for the win. Terrific match, with great flow and storytelling.

Match Rating: Nine Gold Medals

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Drake Maverick announces a number-one contender match next week, and The Brian Kendrick says Gentleman Jack Gallagher will receive “no mercy” in their match next week.

Lio Rush reminds us he’s still undefeated, and Buddy Murphy wants his friend Tony Nese in next week’s number-one contender match.



The referee might get a workout in this one, as seen early on when he had to jump out of the ring to count a pin attempt on the floor. Nigel mentions that this type of match favors Itami, and on the purpose that’s what it seems, as he’s more of a brawler and ruthless striker. However, we’ve seen that Ali can be very dangerous when provoked and when he’s focused, and I think he has more fight in him. So while you may think Itami can dish it out better, I think Ali can withstand more damage.

I’ve always wondered what it feels like to go through an announce table. Itami stands on Ali’s head and puts him in a Boston Crab. That probably REALLY FUCKING HURTS. The match makes its way into the crowd, and the cocky Itami eats a superkick. And they’re back over the barricade. For a falls count anywhere match, they’re only keeping it right around ringside.

They start to head up the entrance ramp and Itami hits Ali with an absolutely brutal clothesline that flips him inside out, and Ali lands face first on the steel bottom portion of the ramp. The match is pretty much going the way I mentioned earlier, with Itami handing out a fuck-ton of punishment but Ali not staying down. Ali hits an awesome tornado DDT on the floor after running up a some steel steps that were set up out there, then attempts to satisfy the crowd’s table fetish. 540 SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE TO THE FLOOR! ALI WINS! Oh HELL yeah! He absolutely nailed it. I’m interested as to what happens with Itami after this loss.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Drake Maverick announces next week it’s Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali in the number-one contender match! Awesome.


Overall Show Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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