205 Live Review, 10/24

It’s the 100th episode of 205 Live!

They do a great job of recapping how Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami have reached this point in their feud, why they are feuding in the first place, and each man’s mindset throughout. It’s excellent storytelling, and is so much better than “we’re going to have these two guys wrestle because they’re both here.” You hear both men’s reasons and motives, get emotionally involved, and pick a side. Textbook stuff.
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Who is a future champion?

In my posts I often say of current low- and mid-card talent that they strike me as a future champion. So I’ve decided to list my top five men and top five women, and why I think they’ll succeed in WWE. I won’t use anyone who has already been a champion, so that leaves out Andrade “Cien” Almas and Drew McIntyre, who have both been NXT Champions, though I think both of them will be WWE/Universal Champions someday. This is exclusively wrestlers who have never held any title in WWE/NXT who I think will be a WWE/Universal/Women’s Champion at some point.

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205 Live Review, 9/11


These matches between Murphy/Nese and the members of Lucha House Party have been absolutely incredible. I’m really looking forward to this one. Early on Metalik shows his athleticism and Murphy shows his strength and brutality. We see Metalik flying and bouncing around while Murphy uses strikes and throws. I have a feeling we’re going to see both wrestlers’ full arsenals before the match is over.

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205 Live Review, 8/28


Very entertaining to see Tozawa knock down Gallagher and Kendrick each with once punch. Very different styles here and Tozawa’s offense is an explosive flurry while Kendrick is slow and methodical. It’s a perfect matchup.

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