Raw Review, 10/29

It’s still hard to watch Joe Anoai’s announcement from last week. It puts a lump in my throat every time I see it.

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BREAKING NEWS: Another Member of the Anoa’i Family Battling Cancer

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Former WWF Tag Team Champion Samu Anoa’i, who is a cousin of Roman Reigns, has taken to Facebook to reveal his own battle with cancer:

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Raw Review, 10/22


Reigns looks distraught. I… have no words. Man, this is as real as real gets. I really don’t know what to say. Love or hate the character, they loved the man tonight. Such a real moment between him and the crowd, and him and his Shield brothers. There’s a lot of moments that make me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan, but this one with the way the crowd reacted, this made me proud to be one. We love you Joe.

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