Mae Young Classic Round Two Review, 10/10


Since I unfortunately saw a spoiler the other day I know it’s Io Shirai who wins this match, but that’s the only thing I know. I can still look forward to an incredible display from these two, and early on I’m not disappointed. Zeuxis hurts Shirai’s arm and goes to work on it immediately. The crowd is firmly behind Shirai. Zeuxis shows little respect for her much-heralded opponent.

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Mae Young Classic Round One Review, 9/19


The announcers are all fawning over Kaitlyn. No love for Kavita Devi. Devi is going to be the heel as she snubs Kaitlyn’s handshake attempt. I remember Devi not looking very good in last year’s tournament, but she was also very green, it was her first match. Let’s see what a year at the Performance Center has done for her.

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