Mae Young Classic Round One Review, 9/19


The announcers are all fawning over Kaitlyn. No love for Kavita Devi. Devi is going to be the heel as she snubs Kaitlyn’s handshake attempt. I remember Devi not looking very good in last year’s tournament, but she was also very green, it was her first match. Let’s see what a year at the Performance Center has done for her.

Her moves are definitely crisp and there’s a lot of confidence behind them. That’s exactly what you want to see. She’s doing well to set up a big comeback from Kaitlyn. Devi’s selling needs to be a lot better, especially her facial expressions. Her face looks like a blowup sex doll when she gets hit. Amid chants of “you still got it” from the audience, Kaitlyn hits a brutal spear for the win. Now THAT was a move that Devi sold perfectly, it looked terrific.

Really good offense by Devi. Not such a good match when Kaitlyn was on offense because of Devi’s selling and also a little rust from Kaitlyn. But that spear finish was great and the crowd was hugely into the match from start to finish. I’m probably being a little more favorable to the match than I should be because of the hot crowd.

Match Rating: Six Gold Medals

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I love Toni Storm. I’ll back a badass rocker chick any day. Jinny’s entrance outfit is awesome. She really looks like a warrior. Once again we are shown from the start who the heel is as Jinny smacks Storm’s hand away when she tries to shake her hand. Renee Young and Beth Phoenix talk about how much Storm loves Mötley Crüe.  \m/  I love it  \m/

Basic tie ups and a slow start until Storm goes on a kicking spree. Jinny takes over after bashing Storms face off the middle turnbuckle. Jinny is quick with her counters and reversals, and she packs a god damn punch. She also shows some really good submission prowess. I don’t know much about her but I sure as hell like what I see. Sure she’s beating on one of my favorites, but I definitely appreciate her talent.

Storm hits a HARD German Suplex then her Storm Zero finisher, a tiger driver, for the win. Jinny was in control for most of the match, but it only takes a second, and Storm is able to pull it out. The match seemed dominated by Jinny using rest holds, but when she wasn’t there was some really good action. A little boring for my taste, but at least that was interspersed with some bad ass moves.

Match Rating: Four Gold Medals

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I don’t know anything about Karen Q, and I barely remember Xia Li from last year’s tournament. Oh snap, they start out with kung fu attacks and it’s awesome! They bow and respect each other until Q smacks Li in the face. Q’s kicks are nasty. She shows off some amazingly athleticism, color me impressed. Li isn’t bad herself as she shows off her kicks, but Q is definitely the more impressive wrestler to this point. Q misses a huge frog splash and Li hits a flipping axe kick to the back to get the win, an upset in my opinion.

Short match, mostly dominated by Karen Q, and I was really surprised she didn’t win. I’ll call it a decently good match.

Match Rating: Five Gold Medals

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I’m became a fan of Mia Yim in last year’s tournament. I don’t know much about Allysin Kay, but we learn that these two have a storied history, and it’s obvious from the intense start to the match, with a lot of closed fists. Kay hits an AWESOME shoulder tackle that sends Yim flying. Speaking of flying, Yim hits a suicide dive, but Kay sold it terribly, she didn’t go down soon enough.

Holy shit, Yim chopped the ring post as hard as she could. That could be a broken hand. These two seem to enjoy just beating the piss out of each other, much to our enjoyment. One of the highlights of the night is Yim’s Sunset Power Bomb. Kay hits her Big D Discus Clothesline but was slow to cover and Yim kicks out, then both women kick each other in the face. HELL YEAH!

Yim hits something called Seoul Food, it looked like Enzo Amore’s old Jordanzo finisher, but off the second rope, and it gets her the win. Great match, cool looking finish.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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The weakest show of the first round so far, but still entertaining. One more week of first-round matches to go.

Overall Show Rating: Five Gold Medals

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