NXT Review, 9/19


Evans says she’s a lady but acts like a bitch. A mean, tough-as-nails bitch. Every time she gets hit, she just gets pissed and hits back twice as hard. When she tags out, she slowly climbs up over the top rope and back down onto the apron. It looked so uppity and bitchy, small things like that can have such a big effect on getting a character over. Things like that are why I selected her as one of my future champions.

Aliyah is the least “over” of these women, as it seems like some of her heat might be “X-Pac heat”, but I think she’s a natural heel and is doing well in the situations she’s put in. She doesn’t get the pin, but she’s on the winning side tonight as Lacey Evans uses a blind tag to surprise Kai with a Women’s Right for the pin. Fun match, nothing too special, but all four women looked good.

Match Rating: Five Gold Medals

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Dream does not want to talk about Johnny Gargano, and doesn’t have time for these reporters’ bullshit.

Promo Rating: Six Roddy Pipers

Pipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs Snuka



Montez Ford explains why they’re so upset that The Mighty stole their chains, and they’re not “just chains.” Good, passionate promo.

Promo Rating: Five Stone Colds

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She sounds flustered, and I’m sure she was playing up being totally thrown off by Nikki Cross, but it made for a bad, out-of-character promo.

Promo Rating: Three Bellas




It’s the NXT TV debut for both of these guys, but the announcers are only talking up Ryker. That has to make Carrillo feel good. Ryker gets in all of the offense, save two counter kicks in the corner by Carillo. I like Ryker’s slingshot power bomb finisher. Quick squash, which was expected, but Ryker didn’t show me much at all.

Match Rating: One Gold Medal

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William Regal questions Candice LeRae regarding the Aleister Black attack, and she tries to point the finger at Tommaso Ciampa. Regal says the evidence says Ciampa wasn’t involved and asks if she can verify her husband’s whereabouts. Hmmmm….

Otis Dozovic gets Ciampa next week. Hell yeah.



In all likelihood, the Undisputed Era will attack both men and the match will end in a no contest. I have no idea why Ricochet is tying up with Dunne. Dunne is definitely stronger and a better grappler. Ricochet should be trying to quicken the pace and bouncing around like a pinball. He played right into Dunne’s strength and is paying the price as Dunne starts with his expert body manipulations.

Nigel echoes my sentiments, saying this is a mistake by Ricochet, and the closer he gets to Dunne, the easier it is for Dunne to get the advantage. My wrestling genius on display once again. Ricochet is in a lot of trouble now, because Dunne can fly and bounce around too. He’s not as quick or proficient as Ricochet is normally, but with all the punishment Ricochet is taking, Dunne may now have the advantage in area as well. Ricochet should have started the match like he was shot out of a cannon and stun the hell out of Dunne before he knew what hit him.

He finally gains some separation and does go on a tear until Dunne catches him again. Things aren’t looking good for the One and Only. Dunne bends the hell out of Ricochet’s fingers, elbow, and shoulder, and that’s certainly going to affect Ricochet’s striking ability. Sure enough, Ricochet hits two clotheslines and Dunne is barely affected… that is until Dunne runs flush into one full speed and gets turned inside out. Time for Ricochet to fly!

Ricochet’s escape from Dunne’s X-Plex was great as was his standing Shooting Star Press that landed square on Dunne’s back. Dunne takes anything Ricochet throws at him and continues to work on his hand. Ricochet hits a springboard FACE INTO DUNNE’S FOREARM that looked fucking horrific for his orbital bones. I was shocked he was able to kick out of the X-Plex that immediately followed. Dunne has been able to avoid or counter almost every high-flying move that Ricochet has attempted, but Ricochet still seems to be in fighting shape even after all the punishment he’s taken. And shit, all the forearms and kicks have been ridiculously punishing, not to mention the way Dunne has been fucking up his hand.

Ricochet will not quit. I thought he might win with that awesome spinning DDT but luckily not, and this incredible match continues. Ricochet hits a ridiculous Avalanche Frankensteiner, an Axe Kick to the head, and a Flatliner for the wi… TWO COUNT! Ricochet has all the momentum and goes for a springboard 450, but he launches himself right into a triangle submission! Dunne’s mat skills are fucking unreal. Ricochet amazingly has enough strength left to counter with a power bomb, but Dunne gets the fingers again before Ricochet fights out with a BRAINBUSTER! This match is so incredible that it’s taking everything out of me just watching it, and the crowd is rightfully going nuts.

Read above regarding the Undisputed Era, as they interfere and ruin a masterpiece. The bell rings and both men retain their championships, just as I said would happen. War Raiders chase off The Undisputed Era. Ricochet and Pete Dunne stare at each other with an obvious and well-earned look of respect in their eyes.

Match Rating: Ten Gold Medals

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Overall Show Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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