Ronda Rousey’s WM34 Partner

I was just reading that Rousey is penciled in for a mixed tag match against Triple H and Stephanie at Mania. No surprise there. But supposedly there are four people they’re considering as her partner. In no particular order:

1. The Rock. This is probably what WWE is hoping for most of all. It’s a perfect fit considering their WM31 interaction. However, remember the last time he wrestled he tore his pec. With all the big budget movie roles he gets, you have to wonder if he’ll be allowed to with the insurance they take out on him. I’d pop for this match.

2. Kurt Angle. If you haven’t figured out by the blog title, Kurt is my god. As a high school wrestler in the late 90s/early 2000s, he was my idol even before WWE. I freaked out to death when he came back. Anyway, the Survivor Series debacle could lead to this as a good second option. I’ll never complain when Kurt laces up the boots. Suplex city, bitches!

3. Shane McMahon. As much as I want to see Kurt wrestle (hopefully he will no matter what) and as much as I’d love to see Rock in this match, how long has everyone wanted to see these two really mix it up again? We got a taste at Survivor Series. I hope they go this direction, and I hope they build it right. I want them to get personal. I want pot shots. I want to hear what they really think of each other in promos. Let’s bring out all the dirty laundry. I hope I’m not a bad person for wanting that, but who really gives a shit, it’s the McMahons.

4. Seth Rollins. He had his match with HHH last year and Steph hasn’t really been there to mess with him this year. I hope he doesn’t get stuck in this match. He shouldn’t take a back seat to Rousey at the biggest show of the year. He doesn’t have an opponent at this point, and I’m sure they were building to a match with Jason Jordan that would have been awesome, it really sucks JJ got hurt. Would they put Seth vs. Kurt instead? Who would be heel? I couldn’t see them turning Kurt or Seth heel yet. I’m sure they’ll have someone for him soon, but I don’t want to see him in this match. Rumors are Big Cass is gonna be ready by mania…

Who do you want to see Rowdy Ronda Rousey partner with at the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment and why?

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