Aleister Black might have the greatest entrance music of all-time. Of course that’s coming from the perspective of a metalhead. But god damn I love his entrance and it never gets old for me. It’s obvious Aleister is headed for the NXT championship scene, but how does it happen? I don’t think it’s right around the corner. I know it would be surprising to have the NXT title change hands on a regular TV taping, but I think Johnny wins it next week. There may be spoilers out there that say otherwise but I don’t know because I always avoid them so please don’t comment and ruin it for me. Since he leaves NXT if he loses, I don’t know if I can see him leaving without a program against Ciampa. Is Ciampa ready to return? No idea, he was still on crutches, but who knows if that’s legit or not. Maybe Johnny loses next week and they have the Ciampa feud on the main roster, or maybe, in what might be a genius move, they bring that feud to 205 Live. That would surely get more eyes on that show. If I’m doing it, Johnny is a transitional champ to Ciampa, they feud for a bit, Johnny heads up to the main roster, and Black wins it from Ciampa. I’m definitely looking forward to Black’s program with Killian Dain.

Did Kairi Sane make an impression last night or what? You can say her winning the Mae Young Classic was her breakout moment, but I think it was her balls out attack on Baszler that really made her mark. She was fun and smiling and the crowd was behind her since the MYC, but that beatdown was just pure ass kicking, no smiling, no fun, crowd chanting her name, huge pop, she shows she’s not just a novelty pirate princess in a costume who happens to be able to wrestle well. Kairi Sane is HERE.

Speaking of NXT women’s division, why are they not using Nikki Cross more? Also, not that I’m complaining because I can’t stand them, but what about the Iconic Duo? Can’t remember seeing them in weeks or maybe months. Good riddance. Though sometimes I can’t figure out if I hate them because they’re really good heels or because they’re obnoxious and awful and I just want them off my TV screen. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, since I care less about them getting the shit beat out of them and more about them just being gone. Much different than Zelina Vega. Now that’s a heel. And she can go on the mic. Every time she opens her mouth I want someone to slap it shut. I want to see her get her ass kicked. Aside from being massively popular already, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons Candice LeRae got such a huge pop for thrashing her. Zelina is gold, and I think they’re using her perfectly. Did anyone ever see Almas being champion? I’ll admit I saw him on a No Way Jose level. What a massive turnaround for him. It works, because it gives Zelina so much to work with on the mic and so much to brag about, and when they finally go down (hopefully to Johnny), it’ll be such a huge moment the place will explode.

NXT thoughts? Observations? Predictions?

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