A Facebook ground called PTBN (I believe it’s Place To Be Nation) recently asked people to submit their lists for the greatest 100 WWE wrestlers of all-time. I had fully intended on doing the list but for various reasons including my OCD/ADD I never got to it. The method they asked people to rank their wrestlers by is the NJPW method:

  • N: Nuance (Longevity, Flexibility, Intangibles)
  • J: Jump Up Factor (Memorable Peak Matches, Moments and Storylines)
  • P: Promo Skills & Character Work
  • W: Workrate

While I never got around to making the list, I did spend a lot of time thinking about who would be my #1. And the answer I got surprised even me: Chris Jericho. This list did not factor in work in other promotions. So even though WWE owns them now, WCW and ECW time is not considered. Bye bye Flair and Dusty. Jericho just checks every box in my opinion.

Nuance: You can probably count on one hand the number of guys who have had a longer or as long WWE career. He can be the best heel in the business or the best face, and no matter what they audience wants to do, he will make them do what HE wants. Sure the audience probably wants to cheer him. But he know exactly what to do to get boos when he wants them. The man got “IT” over for shit’s sake. As soon as he introduced the list, everybody in the back knew it was gold, because he’s just that good.

Jump Up Factor: 2008 No Mercy, Shawn Michaels, ladder match. Match of the Year. Beat Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night. Hitting Bray with a cross body from the top of the cage. Yes, he’s got jump up factor.

Promo skills/character work: Up there with Rock and Austin. I don’t know if I’d say he’s better but certainly on that level.

Workrate: When he’s back with WWE, he’s all in. He doesn’t come for a week and work a two minute match. He puts his work in, and his matches are terrific.

Agree? Disagree? Who would you put #1?

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