Riott Squad


I feel like since they limited their mic time and only let Ruby cut promos, they’ve gotten past their rocky start and can be something big. Especially Sarah Logan. I’m not sure what it is about her that’s clicking with me, but she’s quickly become one of my favorites in the division. I think WWE sees it too because it seems like she’s spending the most time in the ring during the tag matches. Graves built up her power and striking a lot this week. They took away the mic which made her seem like a comic idiot farm girl character and just let her be a badass. I can’t stand Liv and she needs to play up being an obnoxious stuck out bitch from Jersey who you just want to see get her lights punched out. Again, I hate her, but that’s the point. She’s a heel. Ruby has gotten much better on the mic, and thank god, because they need SOMEONE in that faction who can talk, and it’s painfully obvious the other two can’t, at least not at this point. I can’t see Ruby winning at Fastlane simply because Charlotte NEEDS to have a big title match at Wrestlemania. That’s where the money is. As much as I dig her, nobody wants to see Ruby vs. Charlotte at the biggest show of the year. Who does Charlotte wrestle at mania? That’s for another post.

2 thoughts on “Riott Squad

  1. The riot squad is on the up and up, but I have a theory as to why and it’s not a good reason. When they first debuted, they were immediately looked at as a CNTL + C, CNTL + V job of Absolution, which had the bigger name attached to it in the form of Paige, with a name that made it less about the group and more about the leader. They didn’t run it that way until recently, with Riot taking over as primary promo woman, which was a good change. The reason I feel that they’re finally taking off though is because the comparison to Absolution was tragically silenced the minute Paige was reinjured. Now the focus became less about how one group was a bootleg of the other, and more about how sad it is to see Absolution because it reminds us that Paige is shot. Without this criticism, the Squad has been given a new chance to flourish. My problem with the group though is that generally with new groups, you want them to come in and dominate the playground for a time before a valiant hero dethrones them. In the case of the Riot Squad, each sub-boss has been thrashed in competition before by various stars including the champ herself. It’s pretty much a lock Ruby isn’t winning at Elimination chamber, so the group will have proven to the crowd that they can’t get the job done. The group can always regain heat if booked right, but so could the Wyatt family, and we all know how that ended.


  2. It was in my mind the whole time that I was typing this post that it was because of Paige’s injury. But I guess I just didn’t want to make it about that, because as you said it’s really sad. The 3 on 1 beatdowns are really good. If there was a secondary women’s title or a women’s tag division they would be so much better off, but it’s hard to have a faction like this with women when everybody is chasing one title.


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