Johnny Gargano


So Johnny Gargano has to leave NXT. It makes sense for the story, but I just feel like the NXT fans were robbed of the moment of him winning the title. Then again, given the crowd reaction last night, it wasn’t as pro-Johnny and didn’t seem as behind him as I thought they would be. Maybe I overestimated his popularity and connection with the crowd. Either way, I expect to see him on 205 Live and/or Raw or Smackdown very soon, with Ciampa following not long after. Do they get a Wrestlemania match? I don’t think there’s enough time to introduce them and the backstory of their feud to the main roster crowd who doesn’t watch NXT. Summerslam might be a better timeline for that. Maybe Johnny gets some momentum on the main roster and Ciampa shows up to attack him. I’m really interested to see where he ends up and ultimately how/when he gets revenge on his former best friend. Maybe Johnny debuts in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. Will Candace follow him or stay at NXT? Lots of questions to be answered with his future, but I’m sure they’ve had something planned out well in advance. If not Ciampa right away, who do you want to see him feud with?

2 thoughts on “Johnny Gargano

  1. Determining where they go with Johnny from here is as lucrative as it gets currently. He could join 205 live which is trying to find its footing again, or he could go to the other two brands where he’d be bungled I feel. My stance is this; Johnny should disappear from television after this point. Let Ciampa succeed on some platform whether it be the main roster or 205 live. Make it seem like he wasn’t even returning to NXT so much as using some of his free time to screw Johnny. And then when it comes time for him to win his big match for [insert title here], in comes Johnny to screw him out of the match. Run the remaining feud like an NXT feud. Security pull aparts, interviews with heartfelt interactions that show how hurt both sides are by each other, culminating to a big blow off at the next ppv. Idk if they could fit this in before mania, but you can slow burn it to SummerSlam and give them a chance to have a mega feud that overcasts everyone else.


  2. Funny I didn’t think of it the other way. I thought of Johnny moving up and Ciampa returning to attack him. I think you’re right that it’d be much better if Ciampa arrives first then Johnny comes in to screw him. Much better crowd reaction. I feel like 205 Live would be the best place for them but let that attack take place during a raw segment to get it out to more people then they’ll wanna see what happens on 205


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