Elimination Chamber Predictions

The Bar successfully defends vs. Titus Worldwide
I like that Titus is wrestling again and I dig their gimmick, but I don’t think they’d put the belts on them yet.

Asuka beats Nia Jax
Asuka won’t lose, but I wonder if they’d have her win clean.

Matt Hardy beats Bray Wyatt
They’re getting behind Woken Matt and souring on Bray. I just hope this match gets weird.

I think part of Rousey’s contract signing involves her being announced as the seventh entrant in the women’s chamber match, since currently the men’s match has seven and the women’s match has six. I’m having trouble picking her, Alexa, or Sasha as the winner of this match. So I’ll cover two bases here: if I’m right about Ronda being in the match, she wins. If not, Alexa retains.

Roman wins the men’s match. No explanation needed, we know it’s him vs. Lesnar at mania.

Share your own predictions, and enjoy the show

One thought on “Elimination Chamber Predictions

  1. Bar v Tit worldwide
    A: Bar. The only hesitation I have for this is the status of Sheamus’ neck. If he can hold out until Mania to drop to a better tag team fine; if not I think he should drop it here and retire (as the rumors have implied).

    Asuka v Jax
    A: Asuka; the only way she’s not going over clean is if they’re going to try Jax v Bliss for the title at mania. Otherwise Nia is getting her head kicked off (not submitted).

    Bray v Matt
    A: this one’s tough! Normally I’d roll against Bray at all times because his career is so close to death that it’s sad, but they’ve bungled the woken stuff so it feels like a contest between two losers. It probably should even be a preshow match. I’ll play it safe and say Matt wins.

    Ronda is gonna be protected from wrestling the bigger names until she’s a proven talent in the ring, so I don’t know if putting her in the chamber will be what happens. What I am expecting though is that the fans are going to turn on her in a vicious display. She will have to display some otherworldly charisma to charm the audience out of what they’re gonna try and do. Otherwise I think that’s the extent of it, with the probable set up for her match against Steph.

    As for the women’s chamber match itself, my answer will be below, but it’s out of a fantasy booking ideal, not what I actually think is gonna happen. I think Bliss is retaining, but my answer regardless is…
    A: Sasha Banks goes heel and wins. I think this is the time to pull the trigger and make Bayley the chasing contender with a rage inside for a hurtful betrayal. The story has been hinted for months. Let’s see it.

    And lol Reigns wins let’s get it over with, xD


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