Elimination Chamber Reaction

Hot start with the women’s chamber match. Looks like I was off with my prediction that Rousey would be added. The match went as I expected. I’m wondering if we’ll get a full heel turn from Sasha. I thought she should have won to set up Bayley vs. Sasha at Wrestlemania. That would be money. That pot has been simmering for a while now and their iron woman match was an instant classic. I wonder if there’s any chance Bliss drops the title before the big show. Solid match. Great action from those three especially.

The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide
I thought this match sucked. No action, no chemistry.

Nia vs. Asuka
I really liked this one. Nia has gotten much better in the ring and this really showcased her brutal offense. Asuka will make anyone look good. The final pinfall sequence didn’t look great but that’s just nitpicking. Overall a solid, logical match. Who does Asuka challenge? The money match is with Charlotte. Nia smashing Asuka through the barricade after the match was awesome.

Woken Matt vs. Bray
Probably a better match than it came off because of the asshole crowd. This is why I won’t go to tv/ppv events anymore. I’m sticking with house shows because douche bags actually pay money to go to try and ruin shows. There’s no reasoning with that level of dickheadedness. You don’t like the match, go get a pretzel and let the people who are enjoying it do so in peace. As for the match itself, solid B. Good finish.

Ronda Rousey was a little too giggly and fangirlish for my liking, but she turned badass in an instant. Same issues with the crowd here. Just shut the hell up. Why was Angle acting like a doofus and letting HHH usher him off like that? If you’re gonna air their dirty laundry, be defiant about it and get up in their faces. That part didn’t make sense to me. The slam through the table was awesome. I would have liked a quicker reaction to Steph’s slap. She gave Steph a lot of time to stand over her then escape after that. The end of the segment made it great.

Smart using Elias to get the crowd hot. The man knows how to get the reaction he wants. Excellent work. The one thing I would have changed about the chamber match is to have Braun get impatient and bust through his pod. But it was almost as good to have him stand motionless and just stare down the other competitors, letting them contemplate their mortality and make peace with their god before turning in the most dominating chamber performance of all-time. He and Roman killed it at the end, finally using the chamber itself as a weapon. Roman finally gets his one on one with Lesnar, and we’ll finally get the universal title back from Saskatchewan.

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