Fastlane Predictions

Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella
Four good workers, hopefully they kill it and make this a really gun match. Picking Becky and Naomi here. Why does Carmella look like Donatella Versace all of a sudden?

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev
Nakamura will win, but I’m not sure if this will make the crowd happy. Rusev Day is so over with the fans. I could see English costing Rusev the win tonight and getting a beat down to turn Rusev full face.

Charlotte vs. Ruby Riott
Charlotte will carry a hopefully great match. Ruby is really good but as usual it’s up to Charlotte to make her look terrific. My first instinct was to say Charlotte retains, of course, but then I thought about it, and I can’t rule out the Riott Squad costing her the title. They have been on a roll and the women’s title would certainly give them even more credibility and power. I still think Charlotte retains.

Usos vs. New Day
Usos retain in heel fashion. I’m feeling a Dusty finish here. Maybe a “twin magic” moment.

Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton.
Roode retains. I’m not very hyped up for this match. Roode doesn’t really do it for me and Orton is just kinda there. Jinder will obviously inject himself into the match somehow. Could it become triple threat? Maybe, but I’m guessing they do that at Wrestlemania.

Six Pack Challenge
A.J. retains. I just hope it’s pandemonium. Really looking forward to this match and hopefully these guys all let loose and just do what they do.

Disagree with these? Let’s hear it.

One thought on “Fastlane Predictions

  1. There are no stakes for the first match, so I have no interest unfortunately for it.

    Shinsuke v Rusev
    Shinsuke is going over, but due to SmackDown being unable to successfully take advantage of Shinsukes potential, I predict the crowd is gonna turn on him. I don’t see Rusev getting turned on; Aiden completes the Rusev day act and their feud would be completely pre-show bound. It may happen though, as Vince does have a tendency to get angry when the crowd chants things he doesn’t want chanted (i.e. tye Dillinger being off tv to kill the 10 chant). He may use this as a launching pad to kill Rusev Day.

    Charlotte vs. Ruby Riott

    I don’t think Ruby needs carrying at all, but this will be a good match. She isn’t winning unfortunately. Charlotte has a potential date with Asuka if she chooses her, and that will be money.

    Uso vs. New Day
    Bludgeon brother’s throw the match out with a LARP hammer to their skulls.

    Roode vs. Orton
    You couldn’t bore me more. Jinder for the interference, either prior to the match completion or after Randy wins. Setting up for 3 way at mania.

    Six pack challenge
    AJ retains. I’m gonna make a ballsy prediction.

    Taker comes and costs Cena the win.

    This show will be okay. It’s build has been horrendous, but the workers are good so it’ll be entertaining.


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