Rusev’s Old School Approach

I love watching Rusev work. He really seems to understand ring psychology and the intricacies of working the crowd and the match. When I was watching him last night constantly roll in and out of the ring, and the crowd booing more each time, I was so impressed that even though “Rusev Day” is so over with the crowd, he can still get the reaction he wants from them. As for how he wrestles, he seems to be able to work with anybody. He can slow it down to set up a raging comeback by the face, or he can have an explosive offense and keep up with almost anyone. I could easily see him working in any era of wrestling. When I think about top guys of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, I think he could put on a really good match with any of them. He can adapt to any style and can cut a better promo than most “foreign heels” of the past. I could see him getting a WWE/Universal Championship run eventually. I think it would have to be as a heel, because I can’t see him as a main event face. Run with Rusev Day as long as it’s hot, and hopefully big things are on the horizon for one of WWE’s most talented performers.

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