Moolah?!? (Updated: It’s been changed)

Leilani Kai.
Alundra Blayze.
Wendi Richter.
Beth Phoenix.
Trish Stratus.
Bull Nakano.

See? There are numerous legends that a female battle royal could be named after that didn’t die of drug overdoses or were PIMPS AND ABUSERS. What the hell could WWE be thinking? How do they think this is going to go over with the fans, especially the crowd at the big show? There’s not enough editing that can be done to drown out that much booing. This is not a minor thing, and I don’t know how these wrestlers in the promos can sing her praises the way they do. God dammit, please change this.

Update (3/15): You guys did it. Thanks to everyone who made it a priority to express your feelings to WWE. This was very distressing and made me have serious thoughts about how I could continue to support and follow the company. Thankfully they made the right decision.

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