205 Live Review, 5/29


Two contrasting styles make for a really fun match because I dig both. The lucha style is so quick and exciting, while Gallagher and Kendrick’s ground-based offense is pretty awesome to watch as well. The ground style is definitely more effective and painful. Once the submission wrestlers inevitably catch the luchadors, they don’t just slow them down at the moment, but the damage they do has lasting effects throughout the match. Drew Gulak continues to feud with Lucha House Party and helps Gallagher and Kendrick to the win in a pretty good match. He’s already wrestled all of them, and they’ve been great matches so I’m looking forward to more, but where is the storyline going? I expect a six-man tag next week or within the next few weeks.

Match Rating: Six Gold Medals

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Smart wrestlers pick on body part and keep attacking it, and that’s what Murphy does here with Alexander’s back, non-stop for about five minutes before Alexander buys some time with a superkick. My problem is that once Alexander starts to gain momentum and get the upper hand, he shows no sign of just having his spine traumatized by repeated attacks. Don’t get me wrong, a full-speed Alexander is awesome to wtach, but he didn’t sell the back pain until he tried to pick Murphy up, it didn’t seem to bother him during his extended attack sequence prior, which included a flip over the top rope. They do a good job of building the match tension even more by teasing a double count out. The crowd has been really hot for this one, not surprising because it’s Alexander’s hometown. Murphy hits an awesome-looking innovative DDT that nearly wins him the match. The two stand in the middle of the ring and exchange fists, kicks, and elbows and the crowd loves it. Murphy’s attacks are relentless. as soon as Alexander does a handstand out of a pin, Murphy kicks him in the face for another near fall. The ending sequence for Alexander was not nearly as exciting as Murphy’s near falls. He hit a couple neuralyzers then a lumbar check, and it’s over. I would have done something a little more innovative to go with the pace and style of the match, have him reverse Murphy’s Law into a lumbar check or something like that. Overall a great match, but some of the nuance kept it from being a classic.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Overall Show Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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