NXT Review, 5/30


Sullivan announces that he will be Black’s first title challenger at Takeover: Chicago. He reverses Black’s finisher into his own and holds up the NXT Championship. This was a simple but good way to build up the feud. It’s the first time we’ve seen Black in trouble like that except for when Almas attacked him from behind.

Segment Rating: Five This Is Your Lifes

this is your life.jpgthis is your life.jpgthis is your life.jpgthis is your life.jpgthis is your life.jpg

It’s announced that Gargano and Ciampa will have a street fight at Takeover. Fuck yes.



Rowe throws his head into Hixon’s fist, and the Hixon looks like broke his hand. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that combination springboard clothesline/German suplex that War Raiders hit. They aren’t your typical bruisers. These guys are quick and can fly. And they’re metal  \m/

Match Rating: Six Gold Medals

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Another match next week between Kairi Sane and Lacey Evans. Looking forward to it.



Gargano interrupts the match to announce his street fight match with Ciampa to the crowd. Aichner takes advantage and hits one of the highest jumping crossbodies I’ve ever seen off the top rope to the outside. However, as expected, EC3 recovers quickly and hits his neckbreaker finisher for the win. Nothing too special about this one, EC3 just hasn’t done anything in a bit and they needed to get him a match.

Match Rating: Three Gold Medals

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They show a cool video package of Bianca Belair. I love her. I think she’s gonna be huge.



I expect Velveteen Dream to get involved. I have no idea who Chris Dijak is, but he made a damn good first impression. How the hell does Richochet do a god damn 360? I’m surprised Dream didn’t come out during the match. That was a hell of a match for something I thought was going to be a squash.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Dream comes out after the match and challenges Ricochet to a match in Chicago, and says anything Ricochet can do, The Dream can do better. Ricochet responds by doing what looked like a 540 flip over the top rope all the way to the ramp. Hot damn.



Not a warm reception for Dakota Kai. I don’t think anyone likes her timidity, people like a bad ass. She wrestles like a bitch early on as Shayna just kicks the shit out of her. She FINALLY stops cowering and hits some kicks after escaping an ankle lock. As expected, Baszler locks in a choke and Dakota taps out. I’m just happy she finally showed some fight, because she was about to be ruined and lose all respect with the fans if she didn’t.

Match Rating: Four Gold Medals

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After the match she locks the choke back in, until NIKKI FUCKING CROSS makes the save, stares down Shayna, then steals her title while Shayna just stares like a chicken shit. She gets Baszler in the ring, hits her with The Purge, and has Dakota count the pin, then runs off with the championship. Oh hell yeah! Give me this feud. Give this feud to me hard. Rub this feud all over my face and call me a bitch.

Ok yeah that got weird.


Overall Show Rating: Six Gold Medals

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