Breaking: Match I predicted will happen, will happen

It’s just been announced that Daniel Bryan will take on Big Cass at Money In The Bank. Who would have seen this coming? Get everything you need right here, folks.

I would not be shocked to see Cass go over. I don’t know if there’s any world title plans for Bryan in the immediate future, and Big Cass needs some big wins to gain some momentum as a heel. The sneak attacks and assaults after the bell in matches he loses can only do so much for him. Heels usually need wins more than faces do, and usually they need to win dirty. Because of his size, Cass doesn’t necessarily need to win dirty, but he hasn’t being booked as a monster heel, so it would help. If I’m Cass I look for any cheap shot I can get and definitely attack again after the bell, win or lose.

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