205 Live Review, 7/10


Nese definitely has the advantage here. Kalisto has the speed, but Nese has surprising speed as well as power, and should be able to to neutralize Kalisto’s offense provided he doesn’t get frustrated. Nese getting frustrated and overconfident has led to big mistakes and thusly to a lot of losses.

Early on Nese is able to not let Kalisto’s innovative counters frustrate him into reckless attacks, but he still spends too much time taunting and giving Kalisto valuable time to recover. That mistakes leads to numerous kicks to the face and a really cool springboard corkscrew elbow. Nese is able to use his power to counter the Salida del Sol into a one-handed powerbomb.

Nese comes to the outside to confront the rest of Lucha House Party and gets hit with a suicide dive. Murphy attacks Lucha House Party and the ref calls for the bell. LHP takes out the heels and Murphy is going nuts. I’m sure we’ll see either a tag team match or Murphy vs. a member of LHP next week. A very good match, and good booking as long as it leads to something substantive.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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We see backstage that TJP is not done with Noam Dar. This will be a fun feud.



Akira Tozawa comes down to ringside just like Rush did to Tozawa last week. Rush gets him a chair. With his focus on Tozawa, Delaney rolls up Rush for a two count. Rush shows off his speed and agility in an impressive display. He hits a frog splash right onto Delaney’s face for the win. The cocky grin never leaves his face. That was truly impressive.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

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Tozawa says Rush has done nothing. He pulls a nice mic drop, and Rush stops smiling for a second. Drake Maverick makes a match for next week. Nice promo for Tozawa

Tozawa Promo Rating: Six Stone Colds

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TJP vs. Noam Dar next week.



The announce team stresses that Alexander needs to use his speed to stay away from Itami and avoid his power game. I agree. Alexander is elusive and frustrating like a luchador but also has some strong power attacks himself. He’d be smart to wear down and frustrate Itami by making him miss in the early stages of the match. Hit counterattacks and move away. It won’t be easy. Itami has been locked in lately, and with Alexander being the one to issue the challenge, his mindset may be to go on the attack. That could be a big mistake.

Alexander is going right at Itami early, and after some success, Itami catches him with a kick to the chest and takes control of the match. Why are referee’s always saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Have they not seen enough matches at this point to know that yes, wrestlers will still kick guys when they’re under the ropes, and fight on the outside. It seems silly to assume otherwise after this long.

Alexander’s chops are WEAK. Instead of Alexander tiring out Itami, it seems to be going the other way with Itami landing multiple strikes to Cedric’s midsection and taking his wind. Lots of kicks and knees, right up my alley. Itami is doing exactly what he needs to do to win this match so far. He’s been ready every time Alexander has made a comeback and squashed it almost immediately.

Cedric finally gets in some sustained offense and hits some awesome looking diving DDT/sideslam type move from the apron to the ring. He goes for a somersault senton from the ring to the outside but shit, Itami didn’t seem to catch him right and Cedric landed on his lower back/tailbone. That looked painful as all hell.

Cedric stupidly stands toe-to-toe with Itami and gets owned in the exchange. The referee stops Itami from exposing one of the turnbuckles and Alexander uses the moment to recover and roll Itami up for a two count. He goes up top but Itami knocks him off the ropes then dropkicks his head into the steel steps. Ouch. Itami rolls a seemingly unconscious Alexander back into the ring but only gets a two count.

The crowd is pretty dead for a championship match. They barely reacted to the lumbar check out of nowhere that got Alexander the win. It was a good match that suffered from a flat crowd. A few sloppy moments but some good crisp strikes, and Itami has solidified his status as a main event talent.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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Overall Show Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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