NXT Review, 7/11


Burch looks like a soccer hooligan who has been in his fair share of bar fights. Cole makes his entrance like a face but wrestles like a heel. Burch looks stiff as hell in the ring. He reminds me of Finlay. His Tower of London neckbreaker finisher is really awesome. I was surprised to see Cole kick out of it, but I don’t see any way Burch gets a clean win over Cole.

Cole hits his fireman carry neckbreaker that actually looks like it breaks necks. Fucking brutal. Cole hits a superkick to the face, another disgusting neckbreaker suplex, and his Last Shot knee to the back of the head for the win. Burch got a couple big shots in but Cole was in control for 80-90% of the match. Burch should have given him more of a challenge.

Match Rating: Three Gold Medals

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Awesome to see Shayna Baszler and Candice LeRae are gonna beat the hell out of each other soon.

Lacey Evans vs. Dakota Kai next week. I can get behind that.



Sane is so much better than Borne, so this could be like a squash, but Sane can make any match entertaining. Borne does end up taking control of the match and working on Sane’s back with some pretty cool and nasty-looking moves. Even though we know who is going to win, this is a lot more well-done than the Cole-Burch opening match. Sane has so many awesome moves in her repertoire. The crowd is really into this match and both women are doing a great job. This is the best I’ve seen Vanessa Borne look. Until Sane puts her in the Anchor, a NASTY submission move that I haven’t seen her do before.


Ouch. Borne taps out. Sane calls out Baszler after the match. That was awesome.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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Tommaso Ciampa attacks Aleister Black backstage and hits a hangman DDT from a table onto linoleum. OUCH.



Some awesome four-way action at the start of the match with Mustache Mountain having the early advantage. All four guys take the action outside the ring where Strong & O’Reilly take over. Dueling crowd chants have not stopped since pre-match introductions. Trent Seven gets dropped knee-first on the steel steps and Undisputed Era work over the injured knee. O’Reilly and Strong are destroying Seven’s leg. Trent finally gets an opportunity to tag in Tyler Bate but O’Reilly pulls Bate off the apron at the last moment as Roddy puts Seven in another leg submission.

Seven hits a DDT and has a chance to tag out again, but again O’Reilly takes out Bate. Seven breaks out of O’Reilly’s submission and finally makes the hot tag. Bate hits a flurry of awesome moves on Roddy, finishing off with an incredible running shooting star press. He’s single-handedly taking on the Undisputed Era, and does an airplane spin on Roddy at the same time he has O’Reilly in a Giant Swing. He did that in England too, and again, holy shit.

Bate does not want to let Seven back into the match and Undisputed Era takes over again. Trent tags himself in and goes to work on one good leg. He gets worked over again and is doing everything he can to not tap out to Kyle O’Reilly’s heel hook/knee lock. The crowd is going wild for this match. Every time Seven breaks a submission or seems close to his corner he gets locked back in. Bate grabs a towel and is close to throwing it in to save his friend who will not tap out. Eventually he throws the towel and we have new tag team champions. That was an incredible match with tremendous storytelling and an emotional finish. Everyone was sucked into that match and everyone could feel what Bate was feeling for his best friend and mentor.

Match Rating: Ten Gold Medals

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Overall Show Rating: Eight Gold Medals

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