Hell in a Cell Review

I hope you guys enjoy the new look of the site. Now let’s strap in for some awesome brutality.

We’re going to have two different reviews tonight, one by me and one by crazykrysia88. Hers is below the mine. Enjoy!



New Day Pre-Match Promo Rating: Seven Roddy Pipers

Pipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs SnukaPipers Pit vs Snuka

I was thoroughly entertained by the throat clearing battle.

Rusev is as intense as anybody in the ring. I’ve been waiting to see him and Big E square off, and early returns on that matchup easily favor Rusev. I don’t think I’ve ever seen English fly like he did on that suicide dive flip. One thing I’m noticing: the seats in this arena look really, really comfortable. Not that I’m complaining about the awesome weekend I had, but by Raw after SummerSlam my back could barely take anymore. Your  move, Barclays.

What an awesome sequence with Big E launching Kofi over the top but right into a Machka Kick then English hitting Big E with a nasty DDT on the apron. English tags in at the wrong time and probably cost Rusev Day the championships. Maybe not as he locks in the Accolade on Kofi Kingston, but Kofi makes it to the ropes, then hits Trouble in Paradise for the win. That was a great opening match. Great action, the psychology works, momentum shifts, false finishes, and a hot crowd.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold



Here we go!



Awesome that we’re getting a cell match to start the show. I LOVE that they immediately go to throwing each other into the cell and getting weapons. It’s the whole point of a cell match and fits perfectly into this intense and hate-filled feud. Jeff getting bounced into the upside down ladder…. shit, that hurt ME.

Randy is ruthless looks intent on maiming and permanently injuring Jeff. Everything he does has purpose. There’s no wasted movement or energy. Anyone else notice that Jeff has a key around his neck? I wonder if that will somehow come into play here. I’m probably reading too much into it, but it’s interesting that he has a key and they’re locked in a cell.

Holy shit, he’s gonna put a screwdriver in Jeff’s ear lobe. Meh, I tested it, not a big deal.

See? I could be a wrestler.


I really thought the Swanton Bomb on the chair would end it, but we get more destruction. And FUCK that had to hurt Jeff’s back. Orton’s leg is ripped the hell up, that’ll probably need stitches. I could three ladders, two tables, and a chair. Randy took that twist of fate really weirdly, but I guess he didn’t have much room to bump anyway, and of course he needed to end up on the table, which I’m sure Jeff is gonna go through alone.

Yep, he did. Holy shit. The ref calls for the cell to be lifted and EMTs, but Randy forces him to count the pinfall first. I hope he’s ok, because he looks fucked up. That was a truly excellent Hell in a Cell match.

Match Rating: Nine Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold



Aj is rightfully pissed, and Joe is gonna feel it.

Promo Rating: Five Stone Colds

stone coldstone coldstone coldstone coldstone cold



Let’s get down and dirty. I was about to say I wish this was no DQ, but no, one-on-one, woman-to-woman is the best way to go for this one right now. I want it to get extremely intense. Becky works Charlotte’s arm, softening it up for her finisher. I think it would be smarter to work her legs to neutralize the Figure Eight and take away Charlotte’s advantage. Charlotte is better on her feet and has a height advantage. Becky is the better mat wrestler. If Becky locks in the Dis-Arm-Her, no matter how toughened or softened Charlotte’s arm is, she gonna tap.

Becky has the crowd solidly behind her though she is obviously wrestling heel. Charlotte is selling the arm injury perfectly. Becky is so quick and crisp with her moves. They both are, and it makes for incredible matches between the two. This is the best of the best of the women’s division. Charlotte has her mandatory missed moonsault that happens every match. After Becky ALMOST locks in an arm bar, Charlotte hits an AWESOME power bomb to break the hold.

Perfect time for the two to stand toe-to-toe and start throwing fists and forearms. I remember the Boston Crab was the first wrestling move we thought we learned as kids. Nobody ever did it right, but we felt cool. BECKY WITH A BLINK AND YOU MISS IT PIN! HOLY SHIT! A clean win for the Irish Lass Kicker! Charlotte goes to raise Becky’s hand and Becky basically tells her to piss off. Great match.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold



I don’t think this one is going to have a clean finish. I love Drew’s attitude, it’s basically, “I don’t care who you are, if you step up to me, I’ll knock your ass down.” He’s about kicking ass and winning championships, in that order, and that’s it. I’m a mark for The Shield, but Rollins and Ambrose feel like old hat, while Ziggler and McIntyre feel fresh and new, and represent more of what I love about wrestling. It’s a Stone Cold Steve Austin mentality.

Maybe that’s the genius of it. Casual fans will back The Shield while the hardcores/IWC will likely stand behind the heel group of Ziggler, McIntyre, and Strowman. I wouldn’t put it past WWE to have seen that coming and set it up that way on purpose.

The tag team heel tactic of pulling the fresh partner off the apron just as the tag is about to be made still works every time. I definitely laughed too hard at McIntyre yelling “DISQUALIFY HIS ARSE!” Ambrose is PISSED and when he finally gets the hot tag, someone is getting hurt. Rollins hit a picture-perfect Blockbuster neckbreaker to finally get himself enough separation to get Ambrose into the match, and McIntyre suffers the consequences, with using more technical moves than I’ve ever seen him use in his career. We get a nice four-car pileup outside the ring.

Everything breaks down and I love it. Buckle Bomb, Zig Zag, roll-ups, CHAOS! Rollins with a frog splash to McIntyre’s back for a two count! This pace is nuts. Seth’s leap to the floor looked nasty as he missed Ziggler and fell flat. The ending sequence with the Superplex then the Claymore was insane. The heels retain. That was the match of the night so far, and it’s gonna be god damn hard to top.

Match Rating: Two Teams x Ten Gold Medals Each = Twenty Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold


Braun Strowman intimidates Mick Foley, telling him that Mick does not want a “monster problem”.



Joe punches look like they have A LOT behind them. I think of Foreman where just his jab was stronger than most guys’ power punches. Obviously he’s not even close to Foreman, but as far as wrestlers go I think that’s a fair comparison for Joe.

AJ is relentless, hell bent on making Joe pay for everything he’s put AJ and his family through. Joe seemed to sucker AJ in that dive over the top to the outside, because he was sucking wind one second then running over AJ the next. Calculated attack by the modern-day cerebral assassin. But since Triple H is going to be wrestling next month, we’ll rename Joe the assiduous executioner.

The way the match started, it seemed like AJ was trying to end it early, but Joe weathered that storm and seems to have more left in the tank. AJ has incredible stamina though, and you have to believe he can handle a longer match much better than the big Samoan. Joe’s suicide dive looked all kinds of fucked up. He caught his foot on the rope and I think he might have hit AJ harder than he should have. Then again on replay, he seemed to get it a lot cleaner than I thought.

I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I had written off Samoa Joe as too old, too out of shape, always injured, and having lazy matches since he came up from NXT. He’s proven me wrong with this feud, and I’m very happy about that because as I’ve said before, I want everyone to succeed. He’s keeping up with AJ’s pace, and that’s god damn impressive. I loved his transition from the power bomb into the Boston Crab then into the STF. I watched Impact Wrestling literally for the first time ever this past week, and Joe makes me wish I had watched it long ago just to see him wrestle in his prime. AJ too, of course.

Joe busts AJ’s face open with one of the best clotheslines I’ve ever seen. Joe goes for the Tyson Kidd Killer but AJ is able to escape. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch but AJ has the ring presence to flip it over into a pin! Holy hell what a match. Joe is convinced that AJ tapped and takes the title before AJ drops his ass with a Pele Kick. This was a masterpiece.

Match Rating: Ten Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold


Oh shit, AJ DID tap. Well that’s gonna make for an interesting SmackDown Live this week.



It’s always satisfying to see Daniel Bryan punch Miz in the face. Thankfully we’re getting mostly the guys wrestle here instead of the botch lady. I know inevitably we’re going to be subject to it. It’s so easy to hate Miz and he plays into it so much, that’s why people get so into his matches: they want to see him get his ass kicked, especially by Daniel Bryan. Is Brie seriously going to get a hot tag? What the fuck.

Wow, I can’t believe she nailed that baseball slide. Then she barely lifts her leg on the Yes! kicks. Womp womp. She and Maryse look like two monkeys trying to fuck a doorknob when they wrestle. That was really one of the worst pins ever. It was a great wrestling night until now. I hate the Bellas, but even as an objective observer, I doubt anyone can defend this crap.

Match Rating: Two Gold Medals

angle goldangle gold



Alexa will surely go after Ronda’s ribs, it’s her only chance, and really, it’s still no chance. I often wonder how stiff Ronda is in the ring. The arm drag she does looks pretty nasty. Ronda pays too much attention to the cronies at ringside. Let Natalya worry about them, and keep Alexa on the other side of the ring. That exploder suplex was bitchin’.

Alexa has kept chopping away at Ronda’s ribs until she’s able to finally gain control. Ronda sells it like a ring veteran as she valiantly tries to fight her way through the pain. They’re both doing a great job at telling a story, which is the foundation of any good match. Natalya finally takes out Alicia Fox and Rousey takes out Mickie… brutally, I might add.

Ronda is resorting roll-ups to try to escape the match with her title. Again, excellent storytelling. Anyone in her position would try their best to end the match as soon as possible. Bliss makes the mistake of getting too cocky and shit-talking in Ronda’s face, and it has the unintended effect of firing Ronda up. She explodes all over Bliss and nails her with that modified Samoan drop/DVD then taps her in about half a second with the arm bar.

Ronda is not a graduate of the Dungeon, she didn’t spend years honing her craft in Japan, and she isn’t wrestling royalty. She is brand new to this sport. But god damn, she told a story tonight like a 20-year vet. Sometimes all you need is the basics. There was not much these two could have done better. Awesome work from two champions.

Match Rating: Nine Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold


Samoa Joe is getting a rematch. I could watch he and AJ wrestle forever.



Reigns is getting throttled by the monster. As far as a strategy, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Grab heavy weapons and start throwing them? Well, as the kendo stick shows, you’re gonna need heavier weapons than that. The chair works a little better, but not much. So Plan B: make him miss. I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone like Reigns, who is huge and build like a brick shithouse, to be in there with someone that much bigger and stronger. It might actually be easier for a smaller guy to take on Strowman because they’re used to being out-sized.

I really thought Foley screwed up at first but it would appear that his count will be part of the match’s storyline. I got a good laugh out of him yelling “Table’s good, table’s good!” What’s not good is Roman running face first into the steel steps at full speed. He’s getting BLASTED with those steps, but he keeps powering out of every pin, even after the running power slam.

At first glance, the spear through the table looked like one of Roman’s weaker spears. Ziggler, McIntyre, Rollins, and Ambrose all end up at fighting at ringside, which you had to figure was going to happen at some point. Ziggler and Rollins on top of the cell gives me a really bad feeling.

Well it wasn’t a fall from the top, but we knew we would get a big bump or two. And WTF LESNAR?! Also, why have Reigns and Strowman just been laying there for like five minutes?? F5’s all around. Thank you WWE for still being able to shock us.

Match Rating: Seven Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold


Erase the Bella debacle from existence, and this might have been a perfect show.

Overall Show Rating: Nine Gold Medals

angle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle goldangle gold




crazykrysia88: My Reactions During HELL IN THE CELL!


Okay guys, I missed the kick off show, but I am just in time for the first match. I will try to write this post as I watch the event.

My first predication was correct:  New Day Wins!

The Viper Vs Brother Nero

Randy has gotten so much hotter as he’s gotten older. I don’t know what it is about men and how they get better with age. He’s so sexy, intense and his swagger is just ugh! I could melt. I don’t get how I can feel that way about Randy, but then again be so attracted to Jeff. I think with Jeff, the feeling is based on his energy. I can’t help myself but stand up whenever his music turns on. He is so intense and such a free spirit. I love him! He is so humble and just a different entity.

You can see the intensity that both of these men have going into this match. I am so anxious for this match. Yes Jeff, don’t let Randy control this match. Beat him down! In my prediction post, I did mention seeing some Ladder action. I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see some TLC action. All I know is someone will be going through a table! Loved that table slide. We have a chair, we now have a LADDER!!!!  What did I tell you, do I know my boo or not! So far this match is not disappointing at all.  Going for the RKO, but instead we get Jeff in Flight!


Jeff is leading this match, however whenever someone leads it means the person that’s taking the beating will be the one rising from the ashes. Here comes Randy, he’s taking his time. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I can’t with that superplex! It looked like it was about to go wrong. I give these guys such props for being able to take bumps like this. I mean I get why people say “Wrestling is Fake” but these bumps that these guys take are REAL.
Whisper in the wind, and a 1…2… count. I need to see him fly from the ladder. This needs to get XTREME….. What are you doing Jeff? Oh Boy! Oh No! I can’t, plan backfired! Jeff Hardy ladder sandwich. You can tell these guys are not as young as they used to be. Jeff used to be able to get up so much faster, you can tell he’s hurting. He’s got such a bad back, I don’t see this match ending well.  His spine must really be feeling that….

I feel those belt whips! Those studded belts are no joke. He’s beating him down, just like I predicted. Brother Nero wake up!!! Lets go Hardy, Lets go Hardy !!!!

Noooo nooooo I can’t watch this! OMG! Like I really can’t!!!! Finally take him out of that ladder. Come on JEFF!!!  Come on Hardy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!  To soon, it can’t be that easy. You need to bury him!!!!! Lets go JEFF!!! Randy please don’t do what I think you are going to do. That screwdriver is going to go into Jeff’s ears! Watch! I bet you….. Oh No! I said it… Like Really!! Noooooooooooo He’s twisting it!!!! I CANT!!!!! Yes! Jeff get him.. Beat Him!!!!!! Look at the blood on Randy’s back. Tell me again how Wrestling is Fake?

Love when Randy does this, can it be the RKO! TWIST OF FATE!!! YES!!!!!!!!! Here we go!!! Yes! SWANTON BOMB ON THE CHAIR!!!!! Ugh look at that BOOBOO Randy has.  Here comes the ladder…… the table…..  Can we see Orton going through the table, I think YEs! This match is everything I pictured it would be!

OMG! That fall was horrible! I really hope that he’s okay! And RANDY is an ASS for taking the pin like that from a lifeless Jeff. I now officially dislike Randy Orton.  That was an intense match.

Winner: Randy Orton 

Charlotte vs Becky

Love the colors of both of the ladies outfits tonight. Charlotte looks like a Mardi gra babe, while Becky looks a like a mermaid! Charlotte’s boobs make that outfit POP. This is going to be a good match. I am still sticking with my prediction of Becky losing. As much as I want her to win. Becky is going to have to stay on top of her. As best friends you know each others moves and techniques. Its going to be a lot of tit for tat, with these ladies.  This match is a little slow for me, nothing exciting. I was expecting more to this match, why does Charlotte looks like she’s going to cry. WOW what a nice move by Becky. I still don’t see Becky winning. Charlotte is going to get pissed any minute now and just beat the crap out of Becky. Becky is going to have to stay on top of Charlotte, to make sure she doesn’t catch her second wind. Why does it seem like they are going so slow, is it my internet? Flair at times is so awkward in the ring, maybe it’s because of how big she is. Like she looks lost at times. I feel she didn’t wrestle like this before. Maybe they are worried about her boobs popping again… LOL….

I wonder if Flair does win will  her pops make an appearance?  Oh snap, she’s got the disarmher, look at Charlotte’s stregnth! 1…2……KICK OUT! Love this back and forth, the crowd loves both of these ladies. 1…..2….. kick out, come on Charlotte!!!!  That was horrible, really she bumped the back of her head on a turnbuckle. 1….2…. disarmer!!! Rope break
WOWWW!!!!!!!!! I did not see that coming!!!!!!  Even though it was not my predcition! I am Happy that Becky Won! She deserves it, I really didn’t think they were going to let her win. But I am happy that Becky Won!!!!

Will they make up now? Come on make up guys! HUG IT OUT…. Or maybe not!

Winner and New Smackdown Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

Ziggler & McIntyre Vs The Shield 

Can’t stand Ziggler, but I don’t mind McIntyre he’s sexy. I have to say I really like the fact that Renee is the new commentator on Raw. I like when we get a women’s prespective. The WWE has come a long way, from having women compete in Bra and Pantie matches, to now commentating on Raw.

Seth and Ambrose look ready for this match. Ambrose really looks like a lunatic that escaped an asylum. He’s huge, and looks so healthy.  Of course Renee would say “Dean Ambrose, better than ever”, she gets to sleep with him lol. I bet she’s feeling the effects of him being better than ever. That looks like it would hurt, I wanna do that move to someone.

Ziggler is a pretty good wrestler, if I am not mistaken he’s held a few titles. I however do not like him. Something about him, rubs me the wrong way. He’s like if Val Venus and Billy Gun had a kid. Maybe it’s because I really wasn’t watching wrestling when Ziggler was anything big. Same thing with the Shield, I wasn’t a wrestling fan. I just recently in the past 3 years or so I started watching Raw and Smackdown pretty religiosly as well as any events. So from what I know of the Shield as a team, I like.

McIntyer is so powerful, I know that he was an Nxt champion and then disapeared from WWE? He’s fairly new to me, but I like his strenght. I would prefer to see him as a solo competitior. See him turn against Ziggler would be amazing. He needs Ziggler now I think just to kinda build a possible story line. I enjoy his accent, its so seductive.

OOooooooo Come on! That’s BS, there was a tag! If the ref don’t see it, it didn’t happen. I hate when that happens. FLY ROLLINS FLY!!! yes! TAG TAG TAG TAG TAG TAG, come on. Unleash the lunatic!!! YES!!!! I wonder what Renee feels when she’s watching him in the ring. I am anxious watching these matches at times, I could only imagine the feeling if your married to a wrestler.

Nice counter by McIntyer, it looked like it hurt Amrbose. Come on Rollins! Yes, love to see anyone fly. I was about to say that would be an awful ending, GOD that was intense!  I love the Falcon Arrow. So close………but yet so far.

BURN IT DOWN! BURN IT DOWN! OMG OMG OMG I cant! OMG OMG !!!!! as Renee just said “This is UNREAL”… I love matches like this. The back and forth makes my heart race. It’s even better when you are there live. I cant! OMG!!!!! YOU GOTTTTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! He got so high up there! Like really how did he kick out from that??

I like that name, the Scottish Terminator! Holy Shit, how did he just get up like that! I love the way Seth moves. Wait what, a claymore kick…. Damn 😦

That was a CRAZY MATCH!!!!

Winners and still Raw Tag Team Champions: Ziggler & McIntyer

So far I have only been correct about New Day winning. My wife just told me that I don’t know nothing about predictions and I should leave that to my friend Pat (styllyn24). His predictions are usually spot on but he has been known to be wrong before! LOL…

Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles

God Samoa Joe is so ugh. I don’t like him, nothing about him. Guess that makes him a good heel. I do like the story line, but just dont like him. Really don’t like AJ either, but both are good wrestlers. Those jabs look like they could knock your teeth out. The pure forse that is Samoa Joe. So far AJ is giving Joe a run for his money. If this continues, Joe will not be walking out the champion. I would be just as mad as AJ is. Joe brought AJ’s family in the mix. Talking all that trash, about being their new Daddy. I would kill Joe if I was AJ.

OH GOD that KICK to the FACe!!!!! OMG the way he just flew. I enjoy how Joe can move like that for such a big dude. That was an intenste reverse ddt. Even though I do not like Joe, I do think he will pull this off and win.

HOLY MOLY! How did he do that! Joe is a solid dude, 282 lbs I cant! I guess this is why he is PHENOMANAL! He’s bleeding, I cant!!!! OMG, wow what a counter by AJ …..

PELE KICk! I guess I am going to be wrong yet again! Maybe I should keep the predictions up to Pat…………. wait get him in the middle of the ring! OMG wait! WHAT!!!

What an ending! AJ is shocked! Did he tap? I saw Joe’s shoulders down. I hate when Matches end like this.

Winner and Still WWE Champion: AJ STYLES 

Miz & Maryse Interview

These two fools look like Willy Wonka wannabe’s…. GAWD I HATE THE MIZ!  Seriously despise them! They make me want to vomit.

Daniel & Brie vs Miz & Maryse

Brie has such a better entrance than Maryse. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

What a cheap move by Maryse, distracting DB. Miz is such a coward, get out of the ring. Great strategy by DB. COWARD COWARD! This match is so slow….. That is another reason I don’t enjoy the Miz.


OUCH! that had to hurt. The impact to his butt and spine. I am glad that the ladies are mainly stayin on the apron and not in the ring. UP UP AND BOOM nada!

What a coward Maryse is.  Yes! Yes! Get her Brie! He’s bleeding! I love that almost every superstar in these matches have bled.  Nice DROP KICK.

JOINT YES KICKS!????? i THINK So…. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ooooooooooooooooo YEs! No! Darn it! Cowards walking away like the cowards they are, I think NOT!

Come oN! BS! such BS! WORSE ending so far in this event.

Winners: Miz & Maryse {{BARF}}

Ronda Vs Alexa Bliss

Oh yea, there is definetly going to be some interference.  I love me some Ronda! I bet you she’s pretty good in bed. I wouldn’t mind wrestling her around.. She can make me tap anytime baby!

Wonder if Ronda and Natty have been training togther. That was an impressive move by R.R…. She’s getting pissed. Of course a distraction.

This is boring! This is boring! Pick up the pace guys. YEs lets go Ronda! This match is not that bad, Bliss’ strategy is working. She’s beating Ronda down and working those ribs to her advantage. She’s not giving up, and keeps attacking he ribs.

This is not looking good for Ronda. I really hope she pulls through and gets to dismantle BLISS. i wouldn’t taunt her if I was her. She’s pissed now. You in trouble girl friend. BOOM!

Yes Beyatch! TAP TAP TAP….. I love it!

Winner and Still Raw Women’s Champion: Rowdy Ronda Rousey

Braun vs Roman w/ special guest ref; Mick Foley

I dislike Braun being a heel, but I still like him. He is a force to be reckoned with. He’s getting BOOS from the crowd, but so is Reigns, give or take the few cheers you hear. What a legend Mick Foley is! I like that he is the special guest referee.

Roman has his work cut out for him. Braun is a big guy, and I know that Roman is able to overcome these big guys in the past. Bruan is a whole different entinty in himself. He is the MONSTER amongst Men. Here come the steal steps, if only they could use it on the girl in the audience screaming like a lunatic.

Here comes the table, now its going to get good. Steps to the face! STEPS TO THE CHEST! OUCH! This is NOT looking good for Roman! Roman just needs to hit a superman punch and a spear and its done. It’s going to end quick for Braun, however Roman will take a beating!

Nice distraction outside the cage, they can do some damage to each other on the outside. OMG what are they doing on top of the cage! is sometone going to fly like Mick did? OMG OMG OMG!!!!

SERIOUSLY! I can’t watch this someone is going to kill themselves tonight! OMG !! Ambrose got a weapon climbing up.


I am at the edge of my seat! This is INSANE! DOUBLE CLOTHES LINE!! OMG ZIGGLER GONNA GO FLYING!!!!! Now they fighting on the side of the cage, someone is going through the announce table. Possibly both of these guys! Lets see who falls first……….They both fall…. This is crazy!

WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!  Its the BEAST!!!!!! Brock looking good now that he’s training for the UFC.  F5 to the Braun, F5 to Roman….

I did not see that coming… what a way to end the event.

…That’s all folks!

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