Mixed Match Challenge Review, 11/13


Two undefeated teams fighting for a big prize, as it’s been recently announced the winners will be the #30 entrants into their respective Royal Rumble matches as well as win a trip to anywhere in the world. This week’s matches certainly can’t be worse than last week’s.

AJ Styles is going to be replaced as Charlotte’s partner. That’s smart, I couldn’t see him competing in the MMC after losing the WWE Championship. Braun is a fucking meat shack. Lashley is huge, and almost looks small next to Strowman. I love that Strowman just yelled at Ember to “GET HIM!” telling her to chase Lio Rush. Unfortunately she runs into a Mickie James spear.

Strowman CREAMS Lashley on the outside, then Ember catches Mickie with a kick and then hits the Eclipse for the win. Monster Eclipse has the Raw side of the Mixed Match Challenge locked down.

Match Rating: Four Gold Medals




It didn’t matter who came out with Charlotte. Everyone just wants to see her and Asuka go at it. It’s a bit underwhelming this time around. It doesn’t help that you have Renee Young talking about The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Miz and Jeff Hardy is actually more entertaining, that’s not good. Charlotte puts the Figure Eight on Asuka and Asuka taps to her again. Awe-Ska loses for the first time in Mixed Match Challenge history. That in no way lived up to the hype.

Match Rating: Two Gold Medals


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