BREAKING NEWS: Alicia Fox to replace Alexa Bliss at Evolution

In a huge blow to an already underwhelming Evolution card, Alexa Bliss has been replaced by Alicia Fox due to injury. Strangely the WWE is still calling the match “past vs. present”. Hopefully Alexa will be back soon, and it’s certainly unfortunate for her to miss this event.

Raw Review, 10/15


The heels run down the Shield, talk about who is going to win the WWE World Cup, then are interrupted by The Shi…. nope, Roman and Seth. Seth calls himself the best in the world. He did that this past week and asked said he wanted a match against Kenny Omega. Omega and Tommaso Ciampa responded. I’m all for that mess of humanity. Rollins gets some cheap Philly pops. None of the promos were that good or that long. I wasn’t a huge fan of this opening. I think it’s because this feud has been stale and boring.

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