2020 Royal Rumble Predictions

My predictions along with the other writers’ will be going up on ringthedamnbell.WordPress.com this weekend, but here’s an early look at mine:

Shorty G vs. Sheamus – SHEAMUS


This one is a no-brainer. Shorty G has zero momentum and is in a tailspin right now, while Sheamus is the returning heel looking to re-build credibility and at least get himself into the mid-card title picture.

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Mae Young Classic Semifinals Review, 10/24


Though Storm has been one of my favorite new wrestlers, I’ve been unimpressed by her performance in this tournament so far. This match starts out boringly as well until Storm lands a vicious kick to Satomura’s chest. I’d like to see her really get rolling, and same with Satomura, because this match has the potential to be amazing.

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Mae Young Classic Quarterfinals Review, 10/17


The commentators talk about how much of an underdog Lane is, and how embarrassed Satomura would be if she lost. I agree. I see a ton of potential in Lane, but she’s not there yet. She should be no match for the veteran that put on the match of the tournament with Mercedes Martinez in the second round. I would be surprised, and frankly, unhappy if Lane wins this match. I have nothing against her, but I would just find it illogical, as well as WWE letting one of their developmental talent go over a Japanese legend for in a situation that would help neither woman at this point. However, it would hurt Satomura.

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Mae Young Classic Round Two Review, 10/3


Matsumoto has the advantage in experience, and it shows early. She seems to be effortlessly controlling Storm. She’s strutting around with a smile on her face while Storm can’t get anything going at all. I do not like this, because I love Toni Storm. Storm finally gets some offense in with a huge snap German suplex. Matsumoto still gets the better of the next flurry of exchanges and puts Storm in a Lion Tamer, Boston Crab, Half Crab, and seems to let Storm get to the ropes. It seemed that she didn’t want Storm to tap out, she just wanted to weaken and dishearten her a bit.

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Mae Young Classic Round One Review, 9/5


Nox is billed as the favorite and the face here. Unfortunately this is the one match where I already know what happens, and it really sucks for Nox, because I had read that before the injury she suffers in this match, she was booked to win the whole thing. Zatara is definitely wrestling heel, and tells the crowd to shut up. These two are both quick and it’s making for an exciting, well-paced match.

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