Mae Young Classic Quarterfinals Review, 10/17


The commentators talk about how much of an underdog Lane is, and how embarrassed Satomura would be if she lost. I agree. I see a ton of potential in Lane, but she’s not there yet. She should be no match for the veteran that put on the match of the tournament with Mercedes Martinez in the second round. I would be surprised, and frankly, unhappy if Lane wins this match. I have nothing against her, but I would just find it illogical, as well as WWE letting one of their developmental talent go over a Japanese legend for in a situation that would help neither woman at this point. However, it would hurt Satomura.

I don’t have much of a problem with Lane looking really good against Satomura, even though I said she should be no match for her. Having made it this far and also with WWE wanting to build her up, it’s smart for her to have a big offensive flurry that shows she can hang with this legend. But inevitably and smartly, Satomura nails Lane with a brutal kick to the face and a devastating Death Valley Driver to advance to the semifinals. Great match. I can’t wait to see Meiko’s next match, and I can’t wait to see what Lacey Lane becomes in NXT and WWE.

Match Rating: Eight Gold Medals




Io wins. She is gonna smash Purrazzo. The early gymnastics routine was pretty lame until Shirai nails a dropkick then a TERRIFIC suicide dive cross body. Purrazzo landed on her back on the metal ramp. OUCH! The crowd is a little dead for this one. Aside from that suicide dive, it is pretty boring to this point, and the timing is off. Then Shirai hits a double stomp that gets a pop, but then things just slow down again.

Even an arm drag on Purrazzo looked sloppy. Purrazzo takes over on offense and her kicks look really good, then she locks in an arm bar on Shirai! Shirai counters by rolling Purrazzo into a crucifix pin so she has to break the hold. I have seen Io Shirai look so much better than this. She hits a 619 and a springboard missile dropkick for a two count.

Purrazzo does the Kurt Angle three German suplexes then locks in the arm bar in the middle of the ring. She almost locks in the second arm, which got her the win last week, but Shirai again turns it into a crucifix pin then transitions into a crossface. Purrazzo is just about to tap…. but rolls out! Now it’s getting exciting. Shirai hits a meteora in the corner and an Asai moonsault for the win. Like last round, her moonsault was a bit off. She really needs to fix that.

Match Rating: Three Gold Medals




I’m uneasy going into this one, because I know this is the match where Nox gets severely injured. Yep, and off the bat, Nox goes for a suicide dive, and and she can’t walk. She valiantly tries to continue, but the official calls for the help. She still continues but can barely go. Finally, the ref has to call for the bell. This is hard to watch, she is crying and the crowd is silent. There’s people in the crowd crying. Ripley stays in character while the crowd chants for Nox. Amazing that Nox kept going for as long as she did. I had read that she was booked to win it before this injury. This happened to Tegan for the second year in a row. Last year it was the other knee. It happens in wrestling, but it’s sad.



I’m a really big fan of both of them. I think Toni Storm is going to come out on top. I’m expecting an excellent match. A lot of Storm’s matches seem to be her in there against lesser wrestlers who are wrestling as heels and keep her controlled in rest holds for a lot of the match. This should not be one of those matches. As I say this, Yim puts Storm in a sleeper. But fear not, it was a quick one. Now a REAL submission hold as Yim puts Storm in a modified surfboard stretch that looks painful as hell.

Maybe I was wrong and this is going to be Storm in rest holds, because that’s all that’s happened ever since I said it wouldn’t. I expected to see more between two supremely talented wrestlers. It’s been disappointing thus far. Now they get into a slap fight. Finally a nice snap German suplex from Storm and a hip check in the corner. Side suplex pin from Mia Yim for a two count. Yim with a big power bomb for another two count.

Now we’re seeing what they could have been doing this whole time and the crowd chants “this is awesome.” Storm squeezes Yim’s injured hand, hits another snap German, then hits Storm Zero for the win. Most of the match was boring but when it picked up it got really awesome. It should have been a lot better.

Match Rating: Four Gold Medals



A great match to start and it went downhill from there, even if you take out Nox’s emotional injury.

Overall Show Rating: Four Gold Medals


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