“Do Better, WWE”

Here is the entrant list so far for the Battle Royal at WWE Evolution:

Mandy Rose
Sonya Deville
Nia Jax
Tamina Snuka
Ember Moon
Alicia Fox
The Iconics
Torrie Wilson
Dana Brooke


And here is a series of tweets from some of the more high-profile women on that list looking less than enthused about their inclusion:



Here’s what Robert DeFelice of wrestlezone.com writes about this, and I wholeheartedly agree:

Now, since no context has been given to these images it’s purely speculatory on my part, but I do feel like this is a step down to quite a few of the women in the match. Honestly, in my opinion, it’s lazy and for a show that is supposed to be celebrating how far we’ve come in the WWE women’s division I don’t get that vibe when quite a few of the great performers that you have today are just being thrown in a Battle Royal which is typically a sign of “sorry, we have nothing else for you.” Do better, WWE.

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