Mixed Match Challenge Review, 10/30


Strowman bowls over Mahal until Jinder tags in Alicia Fox, who is not happy to face Ember Moon. Alicia runs the ropes… for about 30 seconds straight. She takes a water break but turns straight into an Ember Moon dropkick. The Singh Brothers distract Ember and Alicia takes advantage with a neck breaker.

Alicia controls Ember for a while. Ember starts making her way towards Strowman and Jinder is so desperate not to fake him she pulls Ember’s leg. She kicks him in the head and tags in the monster. The Singh Brothers have angered him. He chases them around the ring until Ember Moon takes them both out with a suicide dive. I love it. Then he does his running shoulder block on Jinder. I LOVE IT.

Alicia Fox puts on her captain’s hat, bumps chests with Braun and gets in his face. Braun steals her captain hat and puts it on. Ember Moon hits the Eclipse while Fox throws a tantrum, and Strowman hits the power slam on Jinder for the win. He puts the hat on again. That was awesome.

Match Rating: Nine Gold Medals

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We get a chop-off. Lana smacks Charlotte in the titties. Charlotte floors Lana and wins the chop-off. Rusev chops, WOOs and struts. I’m pretty sure I heard Renee say did someone lose a nipple. The chops continue, with Charlotte and Rusev shaking hands. Charlotte challenges Rusev to a chop off! Charlotte has some damn good chops on Rusev’s bare chest, then Lana attacks Charlotte from behind. Charlotte does the worm and Lana kicks her in the tits.

Lana looks like shit tonight. She has been a lot better lately, but even Charlotte can’t make her look good tonight. She does actually take down AJ with a really good Russian leg sweep for her highlight of the night. In turn, Rusev takes a moonsault from Charlotte. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight for the win. The first match was awesome. This one sucked out loud.

Match Rating:


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