Throwback Thursday: The Undertaker

In 1989, managed by Dutch Mantel, Mark Calaway debuted as The Master of Pain, a character fresh out of the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta after serving five years in solitary confinement for killing two men in a fight. After his second match the next week, he stayed in the ring and challenged USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler to an impromptu match. The Master of Pain easily dominated Lawler until Mantel entered the ring and called him off. Lawler agreed to a title match, and on April 1, The Master of Pain won his first professional wrestling championship. He held it for just over three weeks before Lawler became the first man to pin him to win it back.

Check out his title win and more pictures of the Master of Pain after the jump.




See the source image
Twenty-five years old, no tattoos




Image result for the undertaker master of pain 1989


He also got a world-class education on Pimpin’





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