State of the Blog

So when I started this blog, I was out of work on disability with nothing else to do. Over the past month, I’ve gone back to work, and reviewing every show while doing daily birthdays has become too much. I’m still going to do some features and may eventually get back into the full reviews at some point, but for now, as you guys have seen recently, there’s not going to be as much content.

Also, Raw and SmackDown have sucked since Survivor Series, especially this week, so there’s not much to talk about.

NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Review


Matt Riddle holds zero appeal for me. I’d like to see Ohno smash his jaw. Wait… what the fuck was that? Did they just bury the hell out of Kassius Ohno? Well I guess it’s more putting Riddle over, Ohno will be fine but… ok. I really just hate the stoner “bro” thing. Still, I’ll admit that was a great way to fire up the crowd to start the show.

Booking Rating: Six Dustys



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Throwback Thursday: Triple H


See the source image

In early 1994, Paul Levesque signed with WCW. In his first televised match, Levesque debuted as a villain named Terror Risin’, defeating Keith Cole. His ring name was soon modified to Terra Ryzing, which he used until mid-1994, when he was renamed Jean-Paul Lévesque. More pictures and some video after the jump, including video of a match vs. a future D-Generation X member

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