NXT Review, 10/10


Ciampa calls out Velveteen Dream, and Dream comes out and cuts what sounds suspiciously like a face promo. Ciampa brutally says maybe Dream is just not… Tough Enough. That’s COLD. Dream says he’s more man than Ciampa can handle. Out comes… Nikki Cross?!? Hell yeah, give her a title shot! It probably has more to do with Aleister Black, but I want to see her wrestle these guys. The crowd launches into a “TRIPLE THREAT!” chant while Nikki plays with both men.

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NXT Review, 9/19


Evans says she’s a lady but acts like a bitch. A mean, tough-as-nails bitch. Every time she gets hit, she just gets pissed and hits back twice as hard. When she tags out, she slowly climbs up over the top rope and back down onto the apron. It looked so uppity and bitchy, small things like that can have such a big effect on getting a character over. Things like that are why I selected her as one of my future champions.

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Who is a future champion?

In my posts I often say of current low- and mid-card talent that they strike me as a future champion. So I’ve decided to list my top five men and top five women, and why I think they’ll succeed in WWE. I won’t use anyone who has already been a champion, so that leaves out Andrade “Cien” Almas and Drew McIntyre, who have both been NXT Champions, though I think both of them will be WWE/Universal Champions someday. This is exclusively wrestlers who have never held any title in WWE/NXT who I think will be a WWE/Universal/Women’s Champion at some point.

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NXT Review, 9/5


Kona Reeves doesn’t connect with me one bit. I don’t know if Ohno is becoming a heel or a more aggressive face. My money is on a full heel turn. Reeves seems like a good dude and I want almost everyone to succeed, but this gimmick doesn’t seem to be working at all. Ohno makes quick work of Reeves with a rolling elbow and you can see the change in his disposition. More about the psychology here than the wrestling. He cuts an almost-heel promo that gets a cheer from the crowd, saying that he was the new guy and got a lot of buzz, but there’s always someone new, and he’ll be there to knock out that next new guy.

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This was AWESOME

There was so much to review from this past week in Brooklyn that I never even got started on SummerSlam, Raw or SmackDown. I put up my NXT Takeover review but I was just too exhausted and frankly there was way to much to remember to do the rest. But rest assured, it was awesome.

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